Packing List for Private Bridal Photos

With a wedding being planned, brides have a lot on their plates!  The details that require your attention are endless.  This includes venues, dresses, guests, flowers, dishes, invitations, centerpieces, shoes, colors…endless!  However, when it comes to the perfect gift for the groom – we have you covered. Private Bridal Photos, or bridal boudoir images,are the bomb!  More on Bridal Boudoir for a Wedding Gift here!

A boudoir album of his beautiful bride is going to make him so happy!  Therefore, here is a little advice on getting ready for your session!

Lingerie for Your Private Bridal Photos

Yes!  Pack lingerie for your Private Bridal Photos.  However, you do not have to wear white if you do not want to!  A bridal album can have your wedding lingerie, some cute panties saying “Bride” or “Mrs.” or the thong you plan to wear beneath your wedding gown.  However, you do not have to!  You could also go for a sexy hot dominatrix look in your bridal boudoir!  

Also, if you have a new nightie picked out for the wedding night, pack it!  In fact, giving him the album while you are wearing one of the outfits is a sexy way of presenting your gift!

Pack at least two tones of lingerie for your Bridal session.  One tone could be the light set you might wear with your gown.   Another tone could be a sexy black bra and panty.   If you love red, pack that red lingerie set!  Notably, do bring more than you plan on wearing!  

Accessories in Your Private Bridal Photos

If you want a more traditional bridal album, do pack those accessories that you currently have to include your Private Bridal Photos.  This could include your veil, the shoes you plan to wear, the garter belt your groom will remove!  Of course, you will be wearing the bling!  Another idea, if you are planning to wear a family heirloom, pack that also!  Sometimes a bride will plan on wearing grandmother’s pearls (f not as a necklace, then as a bracelet or ankle bracelet).  Therefore, bring what you want to record in an intimate way.

If you are looking for a little more edgy album, pack that garter belt, stockings, and mile high stilettos!  The Bridal Boudoir Album should reflect your style.  Therefore, just because you are planning peaches and cream of a wedding – you can give a black and white filled album of you in leather and feathers!  

Bridal Packing List


A light tone and a dark tone.  Always pack at least two – but even five or six are not too many!  Therefore, affording a variety of looks!  

The outfit you plan to wear on your wedding night.  


For Bridal looks:  veil, shoes, garter, jewelry you plan to wear, and those bridal shoes you will be wearing.  

For the more traditional boudoir album gift:  garter belts, stockings, stilettos, corset, bustier, pearls, his button down, etc. 

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