Heights Boudoir and Sil Klusova 

Houston Boudoir Session White Sheet

Sil Klusova wanted to get just a few shots decked out for Easter.  While I had her glamorous in the studio, I asked if we could get a few images of her with the white sheet.  This Houston Boudoir Session:  White Sheet with Sil Klusova (who is a make up artist for many of my clients) rocked!  

A Houston Boudoir Session White Sheet look is almost always one of the choices clients select.  As a rule, we end a session with this look.  Notably, it takes a couple glasses of champagne and a little time in front of the camera for most women to get comfortable with stripping down to their birthday suit!  However, once we develop a bit of trust, clients are open to it!

Houston Boudoir Session White Sheet Look great with Bridal Boudoir with model Sil Klusova (also did own make up) at Heights Boudoir

Houston Heights Boudoir Bridal Boudoir White Sheet with Sil Klusova

Implied Nudity

Implied nudity is  very sexy!  I love to include at least a few implied nude images in a woman’s boudoir album.  In fact, the images of Sil in this Houston Boudoir Session White Sheet look truly represent the images I often get with women at the end of their sessions.  

In order to achieve this look, the Houston Boudoir Session White Sheet look takes very little to pull off!  (Just your clothes!)  However, I do slide the bed over to a large window in my studio.  Off comes the bedspread and most of the pillows.  Notably, I like a clean, white look for these images.  Sil is an experienced model and absolutely rocked these images!  However, I’ve noted that many women do excel in achieving that sexy, sultry look.  

Women are welcome to bring nude bra and panties if stripping down to the bare essentials seems like it would be uncomfortable.  Therefore achieving the implied nudity and keeping you covered at all times!  Even models will opt for this option.  From time to time, I do have to photoshop out some panty lines.  The curve of the hip is very important in creating sexy implied nude images.

A Little White Nightie Works Too

A skimpy little white nightie also works for the Houston Boudoir Session White Sheet look.  However, the white sheet is more of a leading line.  The sheerness of a white night is very sexy, and gives that “implied” nude impression and every bit of the body is covered!  

Keeping it real by shopping for your lingerie in the Heights is good for our Houston community!  I encourage checking out the smoking lingerie at the best little store in the Heights, Darling Way.

A Little About Me…

 I’m Jan! Thank you so much for stopping by.  I want to be your boudoir photographer.  I love capturing the beauty of all women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities.  Personally, I am actually a retired nurse.  Believe me ladies, time flies by!  This is my third career.  Never stop spreading those wings!

I am well into my 50s!  Just celebrated 58 and can nearly reach out and touch the big 6-0! Therefore, very worldly!  (Just kidding)   Also, married to Tim the Tool Man Watson.  We love steak night on Tuesdays (we have spent the last few at the Hay Merchant).  We also love our standing date night is Friday!  However, as much as I like eating out, keto keeps me cooking plenty of meals at home! 

Tim and I live in a purple bungalow in the Heights. While things may not always get picked up in a hurry around here, by God they get fixed, refined, remodeled, remolded, and man the trouble we have gotten into with repainting!  However, sometimes we had so much fun rehabbing things, we tore it down so we could do it again.  Notably, even at our ages, we are still learning! 

For More Information…

Thanks for reading this blog on Houston Boudoir Session White Sheet with Sil Klusova!  Be sure and check out some of my other blogs, like this one on preparing for a boudoir session.  

In addition, I am a member of AIBP.  You can check out my profile on the  site Association of International Boudoir Photographers.  Therefore, if you would like additional information like a pricing guide, our handy guide to preparing for a boudoir session, or just some information to determine if a boudoir session might be right for you, drop me a line!  I’d love to hear from you!  

Houston Boudoir Session White Sheet Look great with Bridal Boudoir with model Sil Klusova (also did own make up) at Heights Boudoir

Houston Heights Boudoir Bridal Boudoir White Sheet with Sil Klusova


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