Can Women Make Themselves Feel Sexier

Interested in some sexy images of yourself in lingerie?  Here’s some ideas when it is a good time celebrate with sexy pics!

Can a Boudoir Shoot Help You Feel Sexier?

Feeling Sexier is definitely  a goal of a boudoir shoot!  What does feeling sexier actually feel like?  Well, it feels confident, it feels strong, it feels complete.  We view images all day and all night trying to make women feel like they just are not ENOUGH.  Enough of that already, you are plenty!

A boudoir shoot can give you a tool to actually learn to take pleasure with your body!  Mostly, that tool is confidence.  Confidence to seek and, hopefully, find pleasure. Is your body perfect?  Hell no!  But guess what, neither is the body of a supermodel!  Learning to take pleasure in and with your body is about learning to love and accept yourself.  Pleasuring your body is not a nasty, dirty concept.  I can list on one hand the truly great things about being alive, and you better believe, pleasure is going to be on that list.  Pleasure is the grown up equivalent to PLAY.  

More sex = more sex.  If you are thinking about being sexy, guess what, you just became sexier.  If you are not quite certain how sexy you are, you better believe a  boudoir shoot will open your eyes a bit.  Is it porn?  Hell no.  Its sexy.  Where does that sexy come from?  From my camera?  No, not really.  It comes from you…and believe me, you got the goods.  Is your sex life about the penis in the bed next to you, or across town in his own apartment, or wherever it currently resides?  No.  Sorry, you get to own your own sex life, whether its in or out of your head.

Are you never in the mood?

Its time to get in the mood!  But first, lets learn what getting in the mood actually means.  Some people, especially those people with penises, do experience something called spontaneous desire.  This is not how everyone experiences “getting in the mood”.  In addition, there is another way called responsive desire.  

Maybe a little wining and dining gets your juices going because you are responding to seduction.  You are absolutely normal, healthy, and it is completely natural.  Owning this is part of understanding how we are going to create more pleasure in our lives.  Owning this is going to keep your sex life exciting.  You will feel more sexual satisfaction if you own this very tiny bit of knowledge about sexuality.  Especially if you own a vulva.

Responsive desire means you will “get in the mood” after sexy things begin to happen.  I believe, we call this romance.  I really think the problem is we don’t OWN the romance.  Women are schooled to think “If he wants sex, he has to bring the romance”.  That’s not owning it, ladies.  Therefore, creating a sexier life, I’m sorry to say, starts with you bringing your own romance!

Increasing Responsive Desire will make you Sexier

Yes, your sexy!  Now how to be even sexier?  

Schedule your boudoir shoot.  Get out and buy some awesome underwear and lets get those juices flowing!  So you did all that?  Presented him (or presented yourself) with black and white evidence that you can rock anyone’s world?  

How about slipping into those really sexy panties under your regular clothes – on your way to work!  Start in the morning before you even get dressed – dab a little arousal oil onto your clitoris.  Brown bagging it to work?  Read a little erotic fiction while sitting in the employee lunch room.  Send a little sext to your partner.  When you greet your partner that evening, do something a bit different – slip a little tongue in your lip lock.  Have sex before dinner!  Make out!  Turn the stupid computers and TV off.  Turn some porn on.  Don’t do porn?  Read some erotica with each other.  Play strip poker.  Play strip darts.  Skinny dip.  Give or get a massage.  Share what turns you on with your partner.  Learn to masturbate in front of each other.  Tie each other up with rope and have at it!  Explore something new, reinvent something old.   

There’s a thousand things you can do to teach yourself to be Sexier!  Human beings who own a clitoris may need to learn to speak the language of desire that their clitoris understands.  Also, if you have that one guaranteed thing that gets your sexual desire going, turn to it – but wrap it up a bit differently.  

What if Nothing Works

If nothing gets your juices going?  I would be very surprised.  After taking small steps toward feeling sexier, you feel nothing.  If you don’t wish to have sex, have no libido, could care less – I would sincerely encourage you to discuss this with a trusted doctor.  Lots of physical conditions can be contributing to this lack of desire.  Medication may be adjusted to help bring your mojo back.  If the thought of having sex with your partner makes you physically distressed, well, you’ve got some different issues.  However, the twists and turns of your relationship do not have to hold your ability to experience pleasure hostage.  Even a party of one can feed that very real source of satisfaction with the life you are living.

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Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!


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