Sexy Gift Men Want is Boudoir!

If you want a surprise for your husband, boyfriend, favorite lover…a beautiful album of your boudoir images is the sexy gift men want!   Women are gifting Boudoir photography to celebrate your sexy self shamelessly!  At Heights Boudoir Studio located near downtown Houston in the historic Houston Heights.  Not only will your sweetheart get the sexy gift he wants but you will have the time of your life!  

As a wife, girlfriend, lover, you work hard to keep your partner, family, and others happy.   Face it, being a woman is hard work!  While intimate photography of you is the sexy gift he wants, it is also a reward to you for the sacrifices you make in your tribe.  

And that, my dear friend, is the reason boudoir images of you is the sexy gift men want and also the gift you give yourself!

What is Boudoir – the Sexy Gift Men Want?

You present the sexy boudoir photography gift that makes you proud.   Therefore, you get to decide the answer to that question!  Photographs of the lingerie you wear beneath your Saturday Night going out outfit can be an option.  You could include that smoking hot lingerie outfit you rocked his world with on his birthday last year.  Perhaps pair it with that gorgeous tennis bracelet he gave you for Christmas two years ago.  The sexy gift men want starts with your imagination and have to reflect your style.

Purchase a special little bustier with matching panties to rock his world on your anniversary celebration?  Bring it!  A photograph in that sexy bit of lingerie will be a wonderful memory for you as well as your special someone, especially if you are in it when he sees those images.  While nudity is always optional, implied nudity is just as sexy and for some, more so!  The white sheet portion of a photoshoot often produces the most loved photographs for clients.  And sometimes that sexy little outfit can be on underneath a tight little number that needs to come off in those images!  Therefore, it’s your story – lets tell it with a few twists.  However, a boudoir session is about having an outlet for you to celebrate your sexy side – shamelessly!

Where to go for the Sexy Gift Men Want?

Heights Boudoir Photography Studio in the Houston Heights specializes in boudoir photography.  The studio is located in the photographer’s home.  Therefore, your privacy is maintained at all times. A photographer who specializes in boudoir has experience in posing and lighting to flatter you and all your lady bits in the best possible way!  And don’t forget, a boudoir photographer probably has a few sexy items in her closet of tricks that could save you a bundle at the lingerie store!  That’s one way to get ready for the Sexy Gift Men Want! 

Which Houston Boudoir Photography is right for me to get the Sexy Gift Men Want?

There are lots of photographers in the Houston area that specialize in boudoir photography!  You have lots of options for selecting the Boudoir Photographer to create your boudoir images for your loved one.  The most effective avenue, browse the boudoir photographer’s website, check them out on instagram, ask a girl friend for recommendations. Therefore, select a photographer whose work speaks to you.  The sexy gift men want comes in lots of styles!  However, its your style that must come through in those images!

Keep in mind that the sexy gift men want can be a smoking hot album, or you may just want digitals and eek them out one image at a time!  Therefore, make sure that you can get the product you want from the Houston boudoir photographer you select.

Is Male or Female Right for You

You will have to consider if a male or female is the right fit for you to get the Sexy gift he wants for your groom. Both have their plus and minuses!  Be comfortable with whoever you choose!  I have nothing against men, I assure you…as evidenced by marrying more than my fair share of them!  However, their are both men and women who can provide you with beautiful images that you will love for years and years to come.

When should I a Boudoir Photo Shoot to get the Sexy Gift Men Want?

Give yourself at the very minimum a month ahead of the the day you need your product with your images.  Longer if possible.  Remember, this is special “you” time!   There will be a few days to a week before your photos are ready for you to select the images you love.  Don’t hurry the Sexy Gift Men Want!   Once you make your selection, there will be time to produce the art you select to showcase your sexy self!  You should allow at least three weeks for delivery (and that’s my insecure side, usually albums are back in less than two weeks).   Don’t risk it if you need to have that sexy gift men want ready by a certain date!  Therefore, give yourself time!

What is a Houston Boudoir Session Like?

The actual  boudoir photography session will take about two hours.  At Heights Boudoir Photography Studio, we begin the session by reviewing the lingerie you bring with you.  Also, we will make sure that we get the images you know you need in your album!  However, I always encourage women to bring inspiration, but photographs will never look exactly like the inspirations.  Obviously, every person is different!  But replicating lighting, mood, backgrounds, and all the minute details that go into photographing a human being is difficult.  I will try to give you the image you love, but I am also trying to give you a number of images that tell your story.  The Sexy Gift Men Wantt is about you, the woman he wants!  Therefore, have realistic expectations when perusing other peoples images posted on Pinterest!

How to Prepare for a Boudoir Session?

Here are the steps to get ready for your boudoir session to get that sexy gift men want!

1.  Select your photographer or studio 

Once you have selected the studio and/or photographer you want to take your sexy images, secure your date and time, and get him the Sexy Gift Men Want!

2.  Now Get Ready!


Wardrobe – think about what you want to be photographed wearing!  Here is a guide to preparing, and take note of the most import elements of selecting wardrobe – it should make you FEEL sexy as hell and it should fit.  Also, variety is the spice of life as well as a boudoir session.  Therefore, bring a variety when creating the Sexy Gift Men Want.

Meaningful Items

Do you have something meaningful you would like to include?   Then bring the items you want included.  This could include items like:  a scarf he bought for you when you two visited Paris, the pearls he gave you after you gave birth to your last child, or hat fabulous bracelet he gave you last Christmas.  In twenty, thirty, forty years, you will open that little leather bound album and those special items will spark even more memories! 

Hair and Makeup

At Heights Boudoir, you can decide if you want the package that includes the makeup artist!  Our all inclusive packages include this service, the entry level package does not.  The makeup artist offers you a chance to relax, sip a little champagne and relax rather then hit the decks running.  The sexy gift men want is those sexy images!  If you are terrific with makeup, you may wish to forgo this service!  Totally up to you!

Prepare your body 

Yes, Ladies, you know what this means.  Therefore, shave, wax, pluck, whatever you do to stay neat and trimmed.  Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  Wear clear deodorant.  Wear loose clothing to the studio the day of the shoot to avoid marks from bras or tight fitting clothing.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Get a mani-pedi in shades that will compliment your wardrobe.  Avoid tanning prior to your session.  Also, do not try a new hair color or a new hair style.  Please do not worry about those extra pounds, I will pose you to flatter your body.  Get a good nights sleep the night before preferably without the help of alcohol!

Plan to have fun!  

You will be safe here!  However, I am sure whoever you choose to photograph you in your lingerie will want you to feel comfortable and at ease for your session.  A boudoir session is fun like a spin class is fun…it can be grueling, intense, and you may need an ibuprofen later.  Most clients walk away with a new found respect for those in the modeling profession.  Few women walk away from a getting the sexy gift men want without a twinge here and there!  However, it will be a rewarding experience!

3.  Show Up!

Give yourself plenty of time, show up and try to enjoy yourself!  Remember, it is the sexy gift men want, but it is also the sexy gift women love to give!  Therefore, you got this, girl!  Your going to love it!

If you missed it, read more about preparing for your boudoir shoot in this Guide to Preparing for a Boudoir Session


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