Sexy Images of Women with Tattoos

Zina came to Heights Boudoir Photography Studio to get some bridal boudoir images created.  For more information on bridal boudoir, try this blog on boudoir images for a wedding gift 

Years ago when I did my very first boudoir session, the subject was so happy to actually get an image of her Tattoos on her lower back.  She had spent a year trying to really visualize how others saw that tattoo.  A few sexy images later, and voila!  

Interested in some sexy images of yourself in lingerie?  Here’s some ideas when it is a good time celebrate with sexy pics!

Tattoos Tell Your Story

Tattoos are beautiful in boudoir images.  Body art gives your images a bit of edginess, and above all, every pose is tells the story of you.  Recently married, Mrs. J, has a beautiful body art, as does her new husband.  After capturing her wedding boudoir images, she asked if she and new hubby could get a few images show casing their art!  

Houston Heights Boudoir with Zina Sexy Tattoo Images

Houston Heights Boudoir with Zina Bridal Posing With Sexy Tattoos

You Celebrate with Any Style

Mrs. J has very fair hair and creamy white skin.  Her body art just POPS!  While we did the light and bright bridal type boudoir she desired, including natural light with her veil and wedding shoes, we were sure to include some more dramatic work with mirrors!  I love being able to take a variety, from soft and sexy, to dark and vibrant!  


Styles with Tattoos Can Pop

Mrs. J chose make up for her session that would give her eyes a bit of pop!  She elected a purple shade around her eyes and highlighted with a bit of gold.  The make up artist agreed that with her yellow gold hair and the significant amount of color on her skin, this would work wonderfully!  Sometimes it’s nice to break away from the smokey eyes and do something with a bit of edge!  

Mrs. J rocked the first outfit with pale pink panties and black trim.  Wedding colors are pink and black, and she added her veil for the first look.  We did a few more looks, one with the sweater she was wearing when her and her fiancé became engaged.
Next, on to the white bed set for some more light and bright photo opportunities.   However, the tone quickly turned darker and way more edgier!
During the darker and edgier looks, Mrs. J rocked these impossibly sexy black lace up 5 inch heels that really spelled “I am hot!”  She especially rocked the mirror images…in black and white or color, the images were spectacular.

My Take on Tattoos

Beautiful body art needs to be celebrated!  However, that art is often hidden away under conventional street clothing.  A boudoir session is a way to showcase your Tattoos in full glory!  

Houston Heights Boudoir with Zina Sexy Tattoo Images

Houston Heights Boudoir with Zina Sexy Tattoo


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