Houston Boudoir Client Upcoming Anniversary

Mrs. J, a Houston Boudoir Client, had a ten year Anniversary coming up.  She is a successful business woman in Houston as well as one tough cookie.  A girlfriend suggested a boudoir shoot, and she did her homework.  She elected to present her husband of ten years with an album celebrating her sexy self shamelessly because she wished to “surprise him with a little spice”.  She phoned our Houston area boudoir studio to set up a date.

Interested in some sexy images of yourself in lingerie?  Here’s some ideas when it is a good time celebrate with sexy pics!

Houston Boudoir Client at Heights Boudoir SessionBefore the shoot of this Houston Boudoir Client

Mrs. J mentioned on a number of occasions prior to coming in for her photography session, “I’m a curvy woman”.  Upon saying this, she sounded a little apologetic.  She was reassured repeatedly, “I love to shoot curvy women!”  (Note to all:  I love to shoot all women, helping women get their confidence on is my ultimate goal.)  I knew that Mrs. J would end up with an awesome gift for her hubby, but I wanted her to walk away from the experience with a whole lot more than a beautiful gift for him.  Boudoir photography is a gift you give yourself!  My goal was to get her to own those curves!

Together we worked at selecting good wardrobe options for Mrs. J.  She was not comfortable in skimpy underwear.  Instead, she purchased a new nightgown.  She planned to wear the nightgown when she presented her Anniversary gift to her beloved.  After looking at photos online, Mrs. J thought a lace bodysuit might work well.  She purchased one online, tried it on at home to assure that she was comfortable in the bodysuit and that it fit well.  She packed a few other lingerie items, but she was very firm, she was conservative and did not feel like skimpy would work on her.  

The Day of the shoot for this Houston Boudoir Client

Mrs. J reports that she “almost backed out” because she was so nervous.  She put her “big girl panties on” though, and arrived right on time.  Mrs. J requested that the makeup artist not “go overboard” with makeup.  In the end, she was very pleased with her makeup.  Mrs. J did have a mimosa before the shoot and was remarkably relaxed once photographing started.  Makeup takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete and we all get very friendly during this process.  By the time the shoot is over we have become fast friends.  In minutes she was posing like a rock star and really getting into it!  

Mrs. J rocked the outfits that we collaborated on.  She looked gorgeous in the black bodysuit over her sexy bra and panty set.  After suggesting a “white sheet session” Mrs. J was on board.  She was just beautiful!  Those were, in the end, her favorite photos.  

After the shoot

I asked Mrs. J what was the boudoir experience meant to her.  She pointed out, “I learned how I really felt about my body!”  Her repeated assertions, “I’m a curvy woman” were her way of Houston Boudoir Client at Heights Boudoir Sessiontrying to give me an opportunity to back away from this shoot.  I knew that ahead of time.  Mrs. J was frightened that she would not be sexy in her photos.  She cried during her reveal session, “I can’t believe that’s what I look like!”  At Heights Boudoir we do not try to hide curves or make our clients fit into an image of sexy.  We just tease and pose the sexy in the client and try to capture it in the loveliest of light!  

Mrs. J  reports that she has always valued photography, but that this shoot meant more to her than just a pretty photo or two.  She said in a phone conversation afterward, “More than a gift for my husband, I feel like I have fallen a little bit in love with my body.”  Now when she says “I’m a curvy woman” she says the words with pride.  You better believe hubby is proud of those curves!  

After the anniversary

Mrs. J also reported that Mr. J was blown away by her gift to him.  She states that his little black book stays very close to him!  Her package included the phone ap, so her images are never far from his appreciative eyes!  He has reported to her that he will from time to time take a peak when sitting in a meeting at work.  She loves knowing that even when apart he is thinking about her!  Furthermore, she loves knowing that he is still turned on by her even after ten years of marriage!

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