Ms. Katie celebrated her sexy self at Houston area boudoir studio Heights Boudoir for Bridal Boudoir Images. Houston Boudoir Studio best bridal session with Ms. Katie was fun, relaxed, and she was smoking hot!

Bridal boudoir is a wonderful way to flaunt that body you have worked so hard to tone and perfect to fit into the wedding dress of your dreams. While all the many details of the wedding day are stressing brides out, the bridal boudoir session is a time to relax, focus on your sexy self, and enjoy a little me time!

Why Bridal Boudoir?

Houston Boudoir Studio Best Bridal Session at Heights Boudoir!  Ms. Katie chose bridal boudoir at Heights Boudoir because she has been photographed there before!

 I love bridal boudoir because brides are so ready to let their hair down and get their sexy on!  Notably, putting on a fabulous wedding is hard work! All the reward for that hard work is put off for the big day! However, a bridal boudoir session will give you some of the positive reward and feedback before the big day!

Brides often put in long hours at the gym, bridal bootcamp, and count calories until there My Fitness app explodes (or they wish it would!). Obviously, if you don’t record it, you didn’t eat it! I’m just saying, its a lot of hard work.  However, sometimes you just have to reward yourself by seeing the result of all that hard work in black and white (or full color, of course)!  Therefore, because Ms. Katie had worked hard at toning her body before you big day, she was excited to memorialize those buns of steel!

Bridal boudoir images of you is what your partner wants for a wedding present. Ms. Katie’s fiancee was going to be so surprised, as she was successful keeping the secret from him!  However, while the album is given to your partner, Ms. Katie was excited to see her images!   The images were just as much a gift she gave herself.  Ms. Katie said “I really felt empowered after my session – its always a boost!  I may become a boudoir addict at this rate!”  Therefore, take that little boost of self confidence and go down that last leg of the journey to your wedding with your head held just a little bit higher! You earned it!

When Bridal Boudoir?

Your Houston Boudoir Studio Best Bridal Session should be scheduled at least one month, and preferably six weeks prior to your wedding. Notably, you do not want to be rushing decisions because you let it go to the last week or two.  Ms. Katie scheduled her Houston Boudoir Studio Best Bridal Session a full six months in advance.   Schedule your bridal boudoir appointment about three to six months ahead of time so you can properly prepare. The anticipation of an upcoming boudoir session is a kick, you will want to savor every minute!

Houston Boudoir Studio Best Bridal Session at some Houston studios can be difficult to schedule – so if you have your heart set on the work of your favorite boudoir photographer, give it time!  Some studios book up way in advance!

Where Bridal Boudoir?

Do you need to ask?  Houston Boudoir Studio Best Bridal Session at Heights Boudoir!  Ms. Katie enjoyed her session and you will enjoy yours too!

Houston Boudoir Studio Best Bridal Session

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Heights Boudoir Photographer Jan Watson