Boudoir School was in Session!

Interested in some sexy images of yourself in lingerie?  Here’s some ideas when it is a good time celebrate with sexy pics!

Practice Boudoir Session at Heights Boudoir

Members of the local photography group, Houston Innerloop Photography Club, were guests at Heights Boudoir Studio.  Members were present to learn a little bit about boudoir photography and running a boudoir studio.   Both professional and amateur photographers were present for School!

Nuts and Bolts

Once School was in session, Tim Watson gave a brief talk about utilizing space in a relatively small area.  Heights Boudoir Studio is approximately 600 square feet.  This area includes a small kitchen.  Notably, got to keep the yummies like chocolate and mimosas somewhere.  A bathroom with a shower provides a dressing area.  While not yet doing shower scenes, they will be coming!  Another tiny area is the viewing/office area.  While it is small, I do escape to this tiny space at times.  Also, clients do view their slide show and images here.  A walk in closet houses a lot of props, wardrobe, and photography supplies.  However, I mean walk in after removing half a dozen big items out of the way first!  

The rest of the space has two backdrop areas, a bed area, and its cramped!  Tim installed wall mounted light arms to keep the floor as clear as possible of light stands.  There is a roller system for the seamless backdrops and another area where backdrops are stored above for convenience.   

Secret Sauce

Tim is responsible for building the apple boxes.  However, I often use these rather than dragging over a ladder!   At times, clients even use them to help with posing.  He manufactured the apple boxes in his wood shop (just beneath the studio).  We call the studio the Jan cave, the shop is called the Man cave!   

Tim also made large panels that slide around the space to bounce light, act as room dividers, block out reflections of me when attempting mirror images!  Tim is, after all, the absolute handiest man to have around any business or home.  A project manager by trade in the IT field (yes, he designed and manages the website), he knows how to finish a project.  I have known many who can start a project, the trick, however, is being able to finish one!

Posing, Lighting, Photographing

Natural Light

The studio was set up with three types of lighting in mind.  The beautiful model Sil was present and posing began in the natural light section of the studio.  Southern facing, most of the day has beautiful, natural light flowing through the front windows.  Photographs captured in this area are light and airy.   I usually put a bench in front of the window for posing, letting the model stand, sit, lay down, or sit on the floor and lean on the bench.  Each photographer had an opportunity to work with Sil for about 5-10 minutes.  

Continuous Light

The next School set up was the continuous light up section.   Continuous lights were available to provide nice catch lights and additional lighting on the model.  The lights are florescent day light balanced.  A screen was slid in front of one of the lights.  Hence,  the scene appears to be lit by a gigantic window.   A chaise lounge and large mirror set the scene.   Afterward, photographers had an opportunity to get the “tushy” shot.   Notable, a very important shot for a boudoir photographer!

Strobe Light

The last boudoir scene was the bed scene where photographers learned the “rotisserie chicken”.  Positioning the client on the tummy, then side, then back…and sometimes to the other side to get another all important tushy image.  A trigger that mounts on the camera controls the flash of the strobe light.  Photographers each had a turn with the trigger.  However, some of the photographers cranked up their ISO and continued to capture images.  

Shortly after,  tummies were rumbling.   Tim made hotdogs for everyone. Thanks Tim!

And a Little Film Noir School Too!

Not quite boudoir, but for the photo clubs monthly challenge film noir was one of the categories.  Therefore, Douglas set up a nice one light setup and we were able to get a few shots of Sil in a dramatic film noir manner.  She was a great sport!

If anyone has an interest in photography, I highly recommend the Houston Innerloop Photography Club!   You will find some awesome photographers anxious to share their knowledge, as well as beginners anxious to find opportunities to capture beautiful images!  For some of us, School never ends!  

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