Maternity Boudoir Photographs Are Cherished

While pregnant,  women experience a time that is so very special and really carries a lot of meaning.  This time goes by so very fast.  Maternity Photographs have the ability to bring us back to another time, to trigger the warm memories of carrying that new life, and cause us to feel those warm feelings over and over again.  

While easy for some women, many women have complete changes to their lives.  Many will not be able to enjoy foods they once found comfort in.  Favorite articles of clothing will be relegated to the back of the closet while you learn a new way to style your body for home, for work, and for fun.  Once energetic in the mornings or evening, may find you logging more hours on the sofa than you had ever logged before.

Why Women Avoid Photographs While Pregnant

Pregnancy changes you and it changes your body.  However, sometimes we do not embrace those changes thoroughly.  A new double chin may make you shy away from the camera.  You may have candles, in spite of a very fit lifestyle, especially in the evenings after being on your feet all day.  

In addition to the changes in your body, you may have less energy and just not feel like smiling for candid photographs.  There is a lot to get ready for with a new little one one the way.  However, we know that women suffer from a chronic shortage of hours in a day and preparing for baby may be another check mark that gets filled while you carry out a myriad of other responsibilities!

Embracing the Changes Maternity Brings

While a very meaningful time, embracing those changes can help preserve the special feelings we experience as we carry that new life with us.  Sharing beautiful images of you carrying a child with your children is a beautiful way to tell the story of you as well as the story of your children.  Your child/children will be able to see in your eyes the love that you had for them before you even gave birth.  However, many women traverse through their pregnancies without more than a few selfies and one or two candid shots from a baby shower!  

My mother, long gone from this world, had five children.  She was pregnant five times, and we have one photograph of her about seven months pregnant dancing with my father.   Thus, pregnant for nearly four years of her adult life, documented with one image.  I wish we had more to remember not only her, but her story – and our stories too!

Expectant Mothers are Beautiful

I love to photograph Mothers-to-be!  I get requests for this type of boudoir photography pretty frequently, but honestly, not nearly enough!  Maternity boudoir sessions take on a much different vibe than other boudoir sessions.

Maternity Customer Needs

Mothers-to-be have so much on there plate.  Bodies that need a little extra rest, nutrition, and care in preparation of giving birth.  A maternity boudoir session tends to be a little slower, taking a bit more time getting in and out of poses.

Shoots last about an hour, sometimes up to 90 minutes.  We schedule breaks.  Always seems to be a few potty breaks!  We generally start with standing poses, then seated poses, then laying poses (ready to rest anyone?)  I am always on the lookout for any discomfort when I ask for a stretch or an arch.  This should be a fun experience, not anything taxing!

When to Shoot Maternity

When to schedule the maternity shoot may be the 64,000 dollar question!  Generally, Mother-to-be should schedule her shoot between seven and eight months of pregnancy.  Physically, the bump should extend past the breast if possible.  Wait too long and, well, we waited too long!  Every bump, like every Mother, will vary.  Thus, please be flexible!

Why Maternity Boudoir

A boudoir photographer is specializes in photographing women.  Like me, we love to chronicle all women through all their beautiful stages!  Women in transition, the whole evolution of womanhood as we pass through our many changes.  Personally, I don’t have a lot of regrets.  However,  not having great photographs of either of my pregnancies is something I do regret.  Like my mother, I shied away from the camera.  I have a couple of snapshots I now treasure.  However,  I wish I had chronicled those times better.  Therefore, I will never be able to sit down with one of my grandchildren and show them a well crafted image of their Yia Yia while their daddy was curled up in my tummy.  


Pricing for Maternity sessions are a slightly different.  The sessions have a different flow, a much more relaxed vibe.  The makeup artist is not generally incorporated in the session.  Also, the sessions tend to be shorter and less elaborate.  Styling tends to be a bit simpler, the beautiful bulb is the star attraction!  Therefore, special pricing is incorporated.   

Expectant Mother experiences Maternity Photography at Houston Heights Boudoir Photography Studio

Maternity Photography at Houston Heights Boudoir Photography Studio with an expectant mother

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