How to Not Look Petrified in Boudoir Images

I often hear from women who come to Heights Boudoir for boudoir images that they do not think they “look good” in photographs.  They are Petrified that they are NOT SEXY!  I have to say, this just simply could not be further from the truth.

Preparing will help with the fears…try this Guide to Preparing!

The Fears

Many women say, “I couldn’t do that…” or “…are you nuts, pictures in my panties!”  Here’s the simple truth, you are beautiful, you are sexy, you are terrific at being you!  My good friend Sally, probably a size 2 or 4, pointed out to me during a conversation when I was berating my size 10 or 12 to her.  She said, “I may be small, but I have the same issues you have.  My tummy rolls over my panties, I have muffin top, I have back fat…its just all to scale.”  

Now that I have seen many women, including models in their lingerie, its true.  We all have bodies that do not look like the magazines!  In fact, even the bodies in magazines do not really look like those bodies!  But get this…you do have a body that is sexy, beautiful, and all yours!  Your boudoir session is your opportunity to give that body a chance to shine!  Therefore, do not hold your body back because you feel Petrified!

The Judgment

As your photographer, I will be making a hundred judgments on your body!  About 3 a minute!  Is this lighting good for you, is that pose good for you, are those fingers in the right position, should she stretch that foot in the opposite direction.  I will be focusing 100% of my attention on you…because I want you to love your images.  However, I know you will be somewhere on the scale of apprehensive to Petrified!  Notably, because you showed up, I can work with you!

My judgment is already this…you are brave, you are sexy, you are beautiful.  Before you even walk in the studio, I have already ascertained that you are a rocking hot woman, and we are going to have some fun.  The truth is, you are accepted here, there will be no shaming, no body slamming, no questioning your ability to rock this session.  My job, and the job of the make up artist, focus on you during the entire boudoir session.  And don’t think those mimosas I ply you with aren’t there to help you shake of a bit of the nerves!

The Vulnerability

And there you are, laying on my wooden bed in your underwear!  So open, so nearly naked, so vulnerable!  I promise you, after about five minutes you will be totally good with it!  Everyone is nervous when they walk in!  In fact, if they are not a little nervous, they took a sedative before hand!  I am a registered nurse, don’t think I don’t recognize that glassy look in your eye!  But I completely understand, we can work with that too!  However, you don’t need to do that.

Enjoy the nervous energy, you deserve to feel that.  That feeling means you are pushing against boundaries you have created for yourself.  Pushing yourself, spreading your wings, those are challenges that really help us expand ourselves as women, as human beings, as lovers, mothers, and partners.

The Journey

Yes, the result will be beautiful images of you.  However, the journey will be the reward.  Focusing on the details, the excitement of booking, the joy of shopping, the anticipation of a new experience, will make this much more than a makeover and two hour photo session.  

The Reward

Beautiful images of you will be a reward…but not nearly the reward of being able to say, “yes, I did it.”  Do you have any idea how many women come into the studio asked for referrals, but knew no one who had ever experienced boudoir photography?  Notably, this happens every week.  

Yes you can, yes you will, and yes you did!  Be a woman who says yes!

Being prepared for your boudoir session will help allay some of your fears.  This blog on preparation will help to calm some of those Petrified nerves!


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