How Do I Hide My “Problem Areas” in My Boudoir Photographs?

The Perfect Shape for Boudoir

I have news for everyone, no one has the perfect body!  Even supermodels have “problem areas”.  However, models learn how to accentuate the positive!   Especially relevant, supermodels aside, we all have things about our bodies we wish were different.  

Notably, if you are considering capturing your sexy side, do NOT think you need to have a perfect shape.  It does not exist!  Therefore, if I have learned anything, its that perfect sized two bodies have just as much insecurity running around in the head on top of it as any other women with much larger sizes!   However, if you want more information on preparing for a boudoir session the Guide to Preparing is a good place to start!  


Some Common “Problem Area” Cures (no exercise or dieting required!)


Tummies are a very common  self described “Problem Area”.  A lovely corset or bustier is a sexy tummy cover!  A soft, sheer shrug or a sweater that falls off your shoulders or has a wide weave for some peak-a-boo action is really hot! Your man’s button down business shirt carefully pulled in at the waist but worn off the shoulder showing some sexy lingerie is a great look!  Oftentimes, soft materials will help deal with this “Problem Area” in a soft natural manner.  Therefore, never discount the sexy effect of the white sheet session.  

Angles, posing and lighting will also help accent that tummy area in a flattering way!   Focusing on your chest, back, derriere in photographs will also help.  However, sometimes a pose that otherwise looks great, may need a little “adjusting” during editing.  Its not done to shave inches, its done because sometimes posing caused things to “happen”.


Many women hate their arms, especially as we age!  Kudos to all those women with toned, strong arms!  If even larger arms are the problem, a lot can be done with the posing.  Poses should avoid flattening out the arms.  Carefully placing soft draping material over the arms.  Selecting wardrobe items that can help minimize the look of larger arms.  The wardrobe items listed above will help, such as a button down, soft sweater, even a silky robe.  


Oftentimes, women will mention right off the bat, “I have cellulite.”  I am quick to reassure them that she won’t in her photographs!  We will be careful to position her in ways that will minimize the appearance of cellulite.  Also, lighting will take care of a large portion of it!  Notably, skin softening is a part of every professional image.  Cameras today are so much better than even 20 years ago, and that can be a really bad thing!  While those little computers with lenses capture more than we really want them to, so it is part of the photography process to not capture every bump and wave!  

Honestly, though, I have seen very few bodies without cellulite.  I have to just assume that God must really love it, and thinks it is sexy…but I’m still not going to showcase it!

Problem Skin

Lighting and angles will deal with many “Problem” skin areas.  Acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines will be smoothed out.  You will not, however, look like you are made of plastic.  Again, cameras capture a little too much with the wrong lighting.  Therefore, we are going to avoid that.  The make up artist will contour your features with make up.  I always tell the make up artist, do not worry so much about blemishes, those are an easy fix with photo editing.  Contours, highlighting, shadows – that’s how the make up artist really makes an impact.  

Are there Photographers Who Create Perfect Photographs?

Boudoir photography is not about making perfect photographs.  There is no such thing!  Sorry to say!  You can only select a photographer that you like his or her style, and work with that photographer to create the best photographs possible.  Every woman walking through a studio door is different.  What appeals to one, will not appeal to another.  Creating a variety of photographs will help to produce a selection that you will love and want to give to your significant other or keep for yourself.  

I wrote a blog not long ago about the most important item to bring to a boudoir session.  That item?  A sense of humor!  Although creating beautiful images is a goal, however, its not the only goal.  Importantly, having a wonderful time!  Bring your glad rags, a willingness to have a wonderful time, and enjoy the process!  We are not creating perfect photographs, we are trying to create photographs that reflect you, your style, your personality!  

Are you Up for the Challenge?

Women seeking boudoir photographs come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.  The photograph above is a woman well into her 40s, and believe me, there are more than one thing she did not like about her body.  However, can you see her stretch marks?  No, you will never know if she had stretch marks!  Has she suffered muscle loss in her arms and have “bat wings”?  You could not tell that by looking at this photograph.  Does she have a derriere she considers “too big”?  You won’t see that here!  Is her neck wrinkled?  I don’t see any.  Does she have acne scarring on her face?  Not that I can see.  Are those breasts drooping?  Not here.  Does she have love handles?  Heck if I know.  Does her tummy wobble?  Can’t tell it here!  Hence, she felt really good about her images!

Do you have “Problem Areas”?  Therefore, are you shying away from a boudoir session you really want to do?  Do not be afraid!  We are going to make art that really captures your sexy side!  

In Conclusion…

Boudoir photography is part science, part art, part sexy, and part fun!   However, at Heights Boudoir you never have to purchase an image if you do not love them!  A boudoir photography session will find the sexy in you.  Notably, there are any number of studios in Houston that will take excellent photographs of you in sexy lingerie – or nothing at all!  Also, connecting with that sexy vixen, some of that is up to you!  However, I will set the scene to the best of my ability, pose you to the fingertips, move lights and lighting panels around, and a gazillion other things, to find that sexy part of you!  Thus, we will both admire her for years to come!

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