The Best Shoes to Rock Your Boudoir Session

Occasionally I will notice that my shoe rack is getting too full.  Too full means I am smashing my shoes together to store them.  Also, about three years ago, I resolved to live within my closet means.  That meant no more shifting summer/winter wardrobes into storage containers under beds and in makeshift storage areas my husband has so skillfully designed in our tiny Heights bungalow.  It has been a gradual process.  

Shoes have always been my downfall.  For many years, my less than comfortable feelings were met with a new pair of shoes.  Ironic, many of those shoes would never actually be worn.  However, they made me feel better.  Now that I see 60 in the not too distance future, shoes are starting too look a little different.  However, this is about your feet, not mine!  

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A Well Heeled Woman

I rarely wear heels.  I have, however, noticed that those very high heels do make our legs look longer in images.  Not only longer but also slimmer and more defined.  Those high heels give your bottom a little shift outward and your breasts a little lift upward as you balance yourself on those slim heels.  

The higher the heel, the sexier your legs will look.  But what if they are just not your style?  I have personally purchased those five inch heels.  However, I’ve never actually worn them in public!  

For boudoir images, though, you do not have to actually walk in those shoes.  Many women slip into their high heels while sitting on the chair, bed, or bench.  Also, I will gladly carry your shoes and hand them to you when you sit down!

Boudoir Needs Your Highest Heels

Do bring your high heels even if you know you CANNOT walk in them.  You can sit in them, lay in them, and if standing is possible we can add a prop to give you balance.  For example, a well placed chair to give you ballast!

Your Shoes Should be In Good Shape and Fit

Scuffed bottoms and worn leather will not enhance your images.  Therefore, if your high heeled shoes are all worn out, you may need to purchase a new pair for you boudoir session.  Shoes can add an element of polish to your images and you want those babies to shine!  

Shoes should fit well.  Just like your jeans, muffin top does not look good on your feet either!  Therefore, let those babies fit well.  Shoes that are a little too large are preferable to those that are too snug on your feet.  

Styles for Shoes

Bold colors and highly fashionable shoes are wonderful in boudoir images.  However, balance this with classic styling also.  Black stilettos are very classic in boudoir images.  Also, if you are absolutely not the high heel woman, look at what you do love in your closet.  Yellow rain boots?  Also, celebrating a year of conditioning for a marathon?  Bring those running shoes.  

Images delight that reflect  your style!  Those boudoir images are all about you.  Therefore, letting your personality shine through can be aided with a few pairs of Shoes That Scream You!

Also, consider your lingerie when selecting heels.  Don’t be afraid of color, but mismatching patterns can make you say, “What was I thinking” when selecting images!

On a Final Note…

I am perfectly okay with no shoes.  In fact, I will probably be shoeless!  Being au natural is fine in boudoir images too.  Although, as I have said many times before, variety is the secret sauce in your boudoir session!


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