Are you a Feeling Shy About A Boudoir Session?

The question that bears asking is, “Who wouldn’t be?”  Posing for the camera in sexy lingerie is not an everyday occurrence for most.  Even Victoria Secret’s Angels might have a few qualms.  Fact is, you should feel a little shy.  For most, a boudoir session is a new experience.  Therefore, a few feelings of apprehension should emerge.  That is what makes it exciting!  However, to get fully prepared, read this Guide to Preparing!

The end product is almost always…

While you may feel Shy ahead of time, that is not the feeling that prevails.  Afterwards, the one word women use, is fun.  Mrs. W recently said during her session, “man, this is a work out!”  That’s right, you will be working it!  But in the end, she had this to say, “Even if I hate every picture, that was fun, well worth it for the experience.”  However, she loved her images.  

During a boudoir session, we are not all focused on your lingerie once we have selected the outfits.  We are focused on lighting, posing, getting expressions!  Believe it or not, it’s very unsexy.  However, it is a lot of fun!

And don’t forget, a mimosa or two is helping you to burn down those new experience jitters.  However, not too much!  We don’t want that spacey look in your eyes!  

So what can you do? 

If you are feeling shy because of perceived problem areas…stop.  There is a blog addressing that, go read it!.  You and I are going to find the poses that make you look fantastic!  Will you look like the aforementioned Victoria Secret Model?  No, you are going to look like your own hot, sexy self!  However, you will have a few of the tools those models have – lighting, posing, a little skin softening!   Notably, do not for a minute think there is not a team of retouchers making those models look like that…give yourself a break!  

Too Curvy?

This is the chief concern I receive.  I just need to loose five more pounds, then I will be ready.  However, this is never true.  We are going to find the poses that work best for your body type.  We will focus on the assets, minimize the..detractors!   Therefore, let this idea go…please.  Boudoir is about learning to love the body you are in!  However, if you do get inspired and have a new body down the road, do it again sister!  Some women enjoy the process so much, they do it every year or two!

The Secret?

If there is any secret, its to wear well fitting items that make you feel sexy.  That’s the secret in a nut shell!  If you feel silly in a garter belt and stockings, stick with those sexy panties and a loose sweater or top that slouches off your shoulder.  Hides some areas, accents others.  Show what you love!  Don’t forget, we are celebrating Your Sexy Self – Shamelessly!  Notably, we are not celebrating some VS model that doesn’t really exist without a professional crew of designers, agents, editors, photographers, retouchers…period.  

Is it Private?

Hell yes it is completely private.  The studio is in my home in the Heights.  It is not open to the public, and no one will ever accidentally walk in.  Notably, a boudoir session can happen in a hotel room, your home, a bed and breakfast.  These locations offer varying degrees of privacy.  If you have five teen age children, obviously, your home may not be as private as mine!  I find hotel rooms to be very private.  A bed and breakfast can have custodians milling around.  However, when a session is in a B&B, the custodians are there to assure privacy, comfort, etc.  

Are My Images Private?

Completely!  Your images are only seen by those you choose to share them with.  Your images are never posted on any social media sites, never shared in the studio.  However, I will occasionally ask if I can share an image in the studio!  You will actually sign your authorization, so you will know ahead of time.  

Boudoir photography is not about being naked.  However, you definitely can be!  It’s about being sexy!  Therefore, go ahead, be a little shy.  It’s a good sign…your going to rock this!

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Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!

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