Boudoir Preparation for the Feet

The Heights Boudoir Preparation Guide recommends a trip to the salon for a mani-pedi a day or two prior to your boudoir session.  Sexy Feet are very important for your successful boudoir session!  However, read the Guide to Preparing for getting your whole body ready!

Sexy Feet

Women often complain how unsexy they find their Feet.  Regardless of how you personally feel about the sexiness of feet, if you count yourself among the fortunate, look down and be thankful you have two!  While preparing for your session, remembering the waxing, hair trim, recolor, facials, and manicures, please remember those feet!

During summer months, women do tend to notice their feet a bit more often.  Do remember them prior to your boudoir session.  You may have some sexy stilettos to slip your feet into during the steamier photos, but I love a natural bed session with white sheets – sans shoes!  Just you in au natural (or not – makes no difference to me).  Your well manicured toes will look best if treated as well as the rest of you.  

More than Polish


Having dry, cracked, flaky skin on your tootsies is not a sexy look.  Prior to your boudoir session take a little extra time to moisturize your feet.  Skip the lotions that contain any glistening material, especially on the day of your session.  Do, however, lather on great skin softening moisturizer.  If you like home treatments, I swear by my coconut oil.  A plastic surgeon recommended Crisco oil to moisturize skin and I tried it but was so grossed out about using Crisco I mixed it half and half with my coconut oil.  


A good sugar or salt rub will do wonders!  Rough feet are not sexy on anyone, least of all your sheets.  Not to mention that person laying next to you in those sheets!  Smooth out those rough patches with your weapon of choice between pedicures.  I use that white sanding block.  Your feet will appreciate it! Don’t forget those heels, sandals really do dry those heels out in summer time.


As recommended in our Preparation Guide, do get a pedicure a day or two prior to your boudoir session.  Remember, toe nails sans polish will look sexier than bright red nails that are chipped or growing out.  Choose your color wisely, remembering that you may be matching to different tones in your lingerie during your session.  Thus, a nice neutral color may be the way to go!


While your feet are not the focus of a session, usually, do remember to make the top of your feet as smooth as your legs.  Just a good idea to go the whole nine yards when in the area!  


Please do not break in a new pair of shoes or sandals prior to your boudoir session.  Blisters are not a sexy look on anyone!  As a retired nurse, I know the meaning of sore feet!  Thus, I do not want you to associate your boudoir session with sore feet!  

Heights Boudoir Recommends…

Baby yourself prior to your boudoir session.  Take care of your whole body and, hopefully, you will remember what a wonderful job your body does for you and that it deserves tender, loving care.  Just like the care you give your loved ones, your family, your pets, your friends.  Love those feet, those hands, those legs, that butt – love it all!

Protect that newly polished set of toes prior to your session from chipping!  As stated above, keep in mind the colors and styles of your lingerie when selecting your toe nail color.  Neutrals, naturals, and those lovely french tipped are always nice options.  However, if you are a NEON girl, bring it!  We can handle it!  I do give out advice, but mostly, I want to take photos of the REAL you!

 In Conclusion…

Also, do not hesitate to send an email, call, or send up some smoke signals if you have any questions regarding a boudoir session.  Drop me an email and I can send you our complete pricing guide that includes a la carte pricing and packages.  Packages start under four hundred and a la carte under three hundred.  

And no matter, long toes, short toes, medium toes, bunions, hammertoes, whatever – love your feet!  They take a pounding every day for you!  

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