Valentine’s Day is Coming!

You missed his birthday, you missed Christmas, but don’t let Valentine’s Day slip away!  Interested in some sexy images of yourself in lingerie?  Here’s some ideas when it is a good time celebrate with sexy pics!

Why Boudoir Images for Valentine’s Day?

Valentines Day is around the corner and boudoir photos will make his head spin!  Whether choosing a dozen red roses or a heart shaped box of chocolates, there are oh so many ways to surprise your loved one, but nothing will wow him more than sizzling, sexy boudoir portraits of the woman he loves! This is the Valentines Day you


replace his “little black book” with your own, a beautiful leather bound album of portraits of you wearing, well, we can discuss that later! At Heights Boudoir you will have beautiful portraits made capturing you at your absolute hottest!  You do not need to settle for another boring gift this Valentines Day, rev up the heat, put a little something on, take a little something off…say Happy Valentines Day like you’ve never said it before!

You may very well schedule a boudoir photo session to surprise your partner with a very sexy present – and he will appreciate that gift for many years to come. However, the gift can actually be the best gift you give yourself – reconnecting with a side of yourself that you may have lost touch with, or may have never really ever been in touch with. A boudoir session will be a lot of fun through the whole journey, so don’t delay!  Boudoir photography is a process that takes planning, perhaps a little shopping for the perfect little sexy piece of lingerie to reflect the image you desire, and the lead time on ordering is several weeks.   If Valentines Day is approaching too quickly, a birthday or anniversary may be a better option for your situation.

For many women, the experience of boudoir photography is enough to reinvergerate a romantic life that may be in need of a little spark! While his head will be swimming as he looks at his gift, the way you see yourself will be a gift you give both of you for years to come.

Go ahead…melt a little more than just the chocolates this year!  


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Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!