Houston Bridal Boudoir Photography Outfits

Houston Bridal Boudoir Photography Outfits are a major topic of conversation at Heights Boudoir!  Notably, boudoir images are the number one gift for Houston grooms!  Go ahead, just ask one!  However, preparing for your boudoir session takes a bit of planning and thought.  Therefore, I would like to offer a suggestion or two or three on preparing for your Houston Bridal Boudoir Photography session.

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For a Traditional Bridal Look

If you would also like to commemorate your wedding with your bridal boudoir session, here are a few suggestions.  However, there are no end to the possibilities when brides include the boudoir album as a component of the wedding.  This bride will want to consider these suggestions in planning her Houston Bridal Boudoir Photography Outfits.

White Bra and Panty Set

While planning your Houston Bridal Boudoir Photography Outfits you may want to include the white or cream colored Bra and Panty Set. However, if your wedding ensemble is pale pink, do bring that tone instead.

Houston Bridal Boudoir Photography Outfits

Houston Bridal Boudoir Photography Outfits including neutral bra and panties

Your Wedding Veil

Your wedding veil will be paired with that afore mentioned bra and panty set.  However, if you have purchased some special lingerie item to wear beneath your gown, consider pairing the veil with that lingerie item.  

Shoes for Walking Down the Aisle

The dress shoes you have chosen to walk down the aisle are an excellent choice to include in your Houston Bridal Boudoir Photography Outfits ensemble.  Not a bad idea to get a little wear in on those high heels, avoiding wedding day pinching at the heels!  

Houston Bridal Boudoir Photography Outfits

Houston Bridal Boudoir Photography Outfits can include the jewelry you may be wearing

Wedding Day Jewelry

Of course you will be wearing your bling!  However, if you plan to wear your mother’s pearls, do bring them!   Those pearls will look fantastic in that light toned lingerie!  

For a Steamier Boudoir Look

Brides will not always want their boudoir images to appear bridal.  Houston Bridal Boudoir Photography Outfits in this case will reflect the brides vision and style.  For information on preparing for a boudoir session, try reading the preparation guide for boudoir for ideas!

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