Packing Tips for Your Boudoir Shoot

Variety is the spice of life!  If I look in my closet today, there are six pairs of neutral heels.  Some of them are really very similar.  However, my mood on any particular day will lead me to prefer one pair over the other.  Honestly, I know I am a bit of a hoarder.  Also, I know I am not alone!  How you Pack for your boudoir shoot may depend on the day of the week you schedule your shoot!  For more information on preparation for a boudoir session, read this Guide to Preparing.  

Will a Boudoir Shoot be Different?

Actually, no, a boudoir shoot is no different.  You will change your mind!  While I do not recommend bringing six pairs of neutral heels, do bring two pairs if you cannot decide.   Likewise, you do not need to bring every piece of lingerie in you wardrobe.  You do need to pack quite a bit, though.  We will finalize choices on the day of the shoot.  We have plenty of room here at Houston area Heights Boudoir to spread out that suitcase full of the items you bring.  Hopefully, after consulting with your boudoir photographer, you will have an idea of the lingerie you would like to wear.  However, you may have a different idea on the day of your shoot.  You may feel more comfortable in neutrals rather than black leopard print.  Even though what you would wear today is different than what you would have worn yesterday, some things remain the same…

Pack it Well!

Do not make the mistake of throwing everything in your travel bag!  Shoes should be put in separate bags or carefully on the bottom of your bag so sharp heels and clasps do not snag delicate materials.  Veils should be hanging on a hanger to keep wrinkles to a minimum.  Bras should be folded and stacked together to protect underwires.  Stockings should be protected in a lingerie bag.  

Before You Pack

By all means prepare a things-to-pack list.  The planning process is one of the best parts of scheduling a boudoir photography shoot.  Pack anything you might wish to wear.  However, do plan ahead!  While you are perusing Pinterest, keep a list on your phone of the items that 1.  You already own, or 2. You would like to own for your shoot.  Tuck those items you have already amassed into a convenient corner of your lingerie drawer so you can grab them when you are ready to pack for your shoot.  Finally, do refer to that list so you remember to pack everything you may need for your shoot.

Pack a Wide Variety

Please pack a variety of lingerie items.  Count on not being photographed in all those items.  However, if any item is of significant importance, let your photographer know!  Obviously, if you are doing a bridal boudoir session and want your garter, veil, shoes photographed – no brainer.  Note, not all bridal boudoir sessions are about those details, but every woman is different!  Honestly, though, what you thought would be a rocking outfit last night, well, you may just say, “no thanks” today.  In fact, you may be in the mood for something completely different!  However, it is always best to come prepared!  Be prepared to change your mind!  

Do Be Organized

I prefer to have the underwires packed together for protection, but others may want to have their outfits grouped together in sets.  This is up to you.  However, when you unpack your suitcase, we will lay everything out.  Prior to the shoot we will select your outfits and the order you will wear them.  Our sets will be set up to complement your outfits.  Note, though, the shoot is about you and your body, not about the sets.  Mostly, we’re considering tone, color, etc.  We are going to plan this out together, and the quicker we can make a road map of your outfits and sets, they quicker we can get started!

Remove Those Tags Please!

Not just the price tags, but the label brand and size tags.  Try to get as close to the end of the tag as possible.  I usually use a razor blade to gently cut them out of my lace undies.  Sheer fabrics reveal manufacture tags.  Bra tags have a way of sticking out when you don’t want to see them.  They are just pesky!  Do be careful though.  I will not be able to cut them out for you, sorry…did not go well once!  


Again, put jewelry in its own bag or box.  We could spend the entire session untangling jewelry!  Keeping pieces separate, packed properly, and away from gentle fabrics.  Your earrings could cause some nasty snags in your hose!  Therefore, separate, wrap, protect – do what you need to keep everything organized and protected.

While Packing Enough but Don’t Over Pack

Wrinkles are a pain!  Do not cram all your lingerie into a overnight bag with shoes and jewelry and think things are going to come out of there unwrinkled!  While I want you to bring extra, I’m thinking twice what you think you will need.  Therefore, if you are planning on three outfits, pack six.  If you want four different looks, pack eight.  We want some choices, not your whole closet.  Or worse, the whole lingerie department at Erotic Cabaret!  


Pack your shoes at the bottom of your bag, or in a separate bag.  While I love some great shoe shots, believe me, you will be barefoot much of the boudoir session.  Do pack your hottest, sexiest shoes, but don’t sweat if they make your feet hurt or you can’t walk more than six feet in them.  They are really props!  So if the six inch shoes are hell on wheels, don’t leave them home and bring the four inch heels because you are feeling in need of foot love the day of your shoot!  Oh, and laying in bed, doesn’t hurt a bit in six inch heels!  

Need more ideas of what to pack, take a look at this article.

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