Why Celebrate with Intimate Sexy Pics

Women are so hard on themselves.  Here is why I believe every woman should Celebrate with Intimate Sexy Pics . Unnaturally edited images in magazines, television ads, billboards, and social media constantly reinforce the message that we are just “not good enough”.  While there has been a recent shift in supporting a healthy self image, those messages that you need to “look like her”, “have a butt like her”, “own the right sunglasses and you will look like this…”  continue to surround us everywhere.  However, here’s a reality check.  It’s not real, it’s not true, and it’s sole purpose is to make you buy something.

That’s right, media exists to make you feel an empty spot in your soul so that you want to buy whatever they happen to be selling in that 30 second promo.  Therefore, temporarily filling that empty spot.

Intimate Sexy Pics that really capture the beauty of you is an important reminder that you are already whole.  Therefore, whatever phase of life you may be in, boudoir photography is a wonderful way to capture the inner vixen.  That confident, sexy, adventurous woman who is often marginalized by the messages surrounding her in a too noisy world of negativity.  

Great Times to Celebrate with Intimate Sexy Pics

1.  Getting Married

This is a wonderful time to have boudoir images.  Intimate Sexy Pics in a beautiful leather album as a wedding present for your groom is a beautiful way to celebrate this occasion.  However, this is not just for him!  You have worked hard to be at your absolute best for your wedding day.  Many women slim down, tone up, buy sexy lingerie for their honeymoon!  You have worked hard and having Sexy Intimate Pics to remember this truly special, yet often very busy, period of your life is so worthwhile!

2.  Having A Baby

Pregnant women will often shy away from the camera!  However, take it from a mother of two and grandmother of five, you will regret not having beautiful maternity photographs.  Sure, you may not want to memorialize cankles and a newly found double chin – but a boudoir photographer will know how to pose to accent the positive!  Focusing on your beautiful belly where the new little life that you have created (yes, you had help) is curled up in a ball just waiting to meet you!  The love in your eyes as you gaze down at that belly is a story you will tell your children and grandchildren for years to come.  

3.  Anniversary Gift for Him

Sure it’s a gift for him!  And he will love it.  However, whether its the first anniversary (did I mention Paper?), or the tenth, a sexy reminder to him that you are smoking!  Intimate Sexy Pics will also remind you!  While I believe any anniversary is an appropriate time to gift him (or her) with boudoir images, I have received more than my fair share of one year, five year, ten year, and a few twenty year anniversary present boudoir sessions.  

4.  Birthday Gift for Your Partner

Happy Birthday to You!  What a wonderful gift for your partner – Intimate Sexy Pics of you!  Your partner will love this gift, and you will have so much fun giving this gift!  The anticipation of scheduling, shopping for some new lingerie, going through your closet for that outfit or two that really knocked your partner’s socks off!  (We know it was you knocking his socks off, but you will both recall the outfit!)  Finishing your session with Intimate Sexy Pics of you naked on the bed with a white sheet (or red, or black, or whatever) covering just enough to make his eyes pop out!  I’m just saying, cake is nice but Intimate Sexy Pics are oh so sweet!  Notably, boudoir images of you will be a gift he will be very anxious to unwrap!

5.  You Found a New Improved You

Perhaps you have finally gotten to your desired weight – a goal you didn’t think you would ever reach!  Or, you just bench pressed your body weight (I really don’t know if this is possible, just roll with me).  You have some new cuts to your muscles that need to be immortalized!  Intimate Sexy Pics will be a wonderful way to show this hard work off to the maximum!

6.  You Won!

You have won at a difficult battle!  Congratulations!  Whether overcoming a serious illness, having surgery to enhance some feature you have long wanted to change.   Or maybe, you disentangled yourself from a relationship that was not good for you.  However you won your battle, celebrate with Intimate Sexy Photographs of yourself whether to share or treasure yourself!  A beautiful, single, professional 62 year old client came in for sexy boudoir images.  She told me, “I want to do it while I’ve still got it!”  And have it she did!  She rocked her session!  


In Conclusion, It Just May Be Time to Remind Yourself (or Your Partner) with Intimate Sexy Pics That You Are the She-Bang!

You rock!  However, you may have forgotten how sexy you really are!  Becoming friends with that sexy vixen inside will be a welcome relationship you will cherish for many years!  Notably, your sexy vixen is going to be very pleased that you have chosen to renew your relationship!  No telling what will happen when you let the genie out of the bottle!

As women, we are constantly reminded that we are not enough.  Never thin enough, never busty enough, I’m not even sure we desire smaller or bigger bootays nowadays.  All these conflicting messages we get from media are too difficult to keep track of!  Sometimes, sad to say, the people we love can do a number on our self-confidence.  I do not believe in most cases is it intentional, I just feel like it is easier for some to cut people down to puff themselves up.  

Obviously, that person must feel pretty small to do this.  However, when I build myself up, I really do not care what anyone else says to cut me down to size.  I learned a long time ago to put my big girl panties on, I got this.  Therefore, if my partner tries to diminish me, it just doesn’t matter any longer.  In fact, when you try to diminish me, you only diminish yourself in my eyes.  

I find individuals who undermine another person’s confidence, abilities, very existence; I find them small, insignificant, lacking in so many ways.  After years of being undermined, Intimate Sexy Pics can remind you of your beauty, your sexiness, and your courage.

Confidence, baby, is sexy…just ask a real partner.  

The Best Reasons for Boudoir

I hear all kinds of reasons why women are unable to commit to a boudoir session to get Intimate Portraits.  Oftentimes, those reasons revolve around a lack of confidence with their bodies.  Some women have a hard time connecting with their inner vixen.  Occasionally, it’s the cost.  However, I wanted to take this opportunity to really focus on the positive effect boudoir provides for my clients – and lets just put all those negative thoughts on the back burner for just a few minutes.  
Whether you have a life event to immortalize as listed above, or just think it’s time, here’s my five top reasons for boudoir images…

1.  Intimate Images Are a Great Gift!

Hey!  You know your partner wants it…or would want to want it if they even thought there was an opportunity to get sexy images of you!  Go ahead,  hand your cellphone to your partner and tell them, “Hey, I have some new lingerie, will you take some pictures?”  Jeez…what a no brainer!  

2.  …And A Gift for You

Sure!  You are going to give that album to your partner.  That’s just how generous you are!  However, boudoir is a gift you give yourself.  The experience is all about you, and you deserve this.  It is a black and white (and sometimes full living color) reminder that you are a sexy woman.  In the whirlwind we call everyday life – kids, jobs, partners, friends, houses, parents…the list is endless, we care for others!  Taking a couple hours out of your day to remind yourself that you are not only a super human being to all those other people, but you are also a sexy woman who needs to play!  Therefore, boudoir is a part of selfcare! 

3.  To Mark a Milestone

Women often pursue boudoir images to mark a milestone in their life.  Wedding, maternity, anniversary.  But there are other milestones that really deserve a bit of extra documentation.  Weightloss, cosmetic surgery, health issues, a bad breakup – just to name a few.  Therefore, a boudoir session can provide an opportunity for you to see yourself the way you may not have been able to see yourself in a very long time.  However, it is also a beautiful opportunity to mark a space in time…this is me when…you define the moment.

4.  Bolster Your Confidence

Sure that’s you!  I want to capture you! Not some made up version that is so photoshopped it could be anyone…but you – the real you.  As women, we are constantly reminded that we are not enough.  Never thin enough, never busty enough, I’m not even sure we desire smaller or bigger bootays nowadays.  All these conflicting messages we get from media are too difficult to keep track of!  

You will gently be reminded, however, that with a little airbrushing, the right posing, a sexy outfit, and lights placed just so – well you rock like no one’s business!  And you know what?  That is you in those photographs even if a blemish is removed!  However, when your partner sees those images, they will also see that confidence!  The woman they love so much had the confidence to slip into a piece of slinky lingerie, don sexy high heels, and strut herself in front of a professional photographer.  

Confidence, baby, is sexy…just ask your partner.  

5.  Just for the Hell of It! (Which is really my favorite reason!)

Believe it or not, you are allowed to do things just for the hell of It!  You can have a boudoir session just to have some fun.  It is a good time.  Sure, you will be a little nervous to begin, but after 10-20 minutes, you will feel right at home!  Sure, posing isn’t difficult, but do you know how many women leave a boudoir session with new respect for the life of models?  It’s not hard, but its also not easy!  Twisting, turning, paying attention to you toes and your fingers at the same time!  Sure, a boudoir session takes focus.  Absolutely, you will need direction.  Yes, you may be sore the next day!  However, it is a new experience you will be able to applaud yourself for taking the opportunity to celebrate your Sexy self – shamelessly!  

Go Ahead – Schedule a Boudoir Session to get Intimate Sexy Pics!

Go ahead and ask the next five women you run into, “Have you ever had a boudoir photography session?”  Notably, I betcha your going to be one of the rare ones for even considering the undertaking!

Houston Heights Boudoir Photography Sexy Images


Let me know what event in your life would inspire you to have Intimate Sexy Pics by a professional boudoir photographer? Have you ever done this?  Considered it?  Let me hear from you!  However, ff you would like to read a little more about preparing for a boudoir session, try this Guide to Preparing.  

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Celebrate Your Sexy Self – Shamelessly!

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