What is the Sexiest Lingerie in Photographs?

Every woman gets to answer that question!  Sometimes the Sexy lingerie on one woman looks down right silly on another woman.  Try this Guide for Preparing if you are getting ready for a boudoir session.  

1.  Sexy Bra and Panty Set

Celebrate Weight Loss with Sexy Boudoir Photography

Mrs. R Celebrated her weighty loss with a sexy boudoir session at Houston boudoir studio Heights Boudoir Photography


A pretty bra and panty set still spells Sexy to me!  The best thing, this is the wardrobe item you can buy for your boudoir session and still get a lot of miles out of this item!  The fit is what makes this such a great item, and you are going to want to use this set over and over because you really picked the lingerie that made you feel amazing.  Therefore, always bring a great fitting new bra and panty set to your boudoir session!

2.  That Sexy One Piece 

Those one piece body suits are amazingly sexy!  I especially love the strappy little numbers with lots of detailing.  I recently purchased a really cute black one at a pretty reasonable cost at Darling Way in the Houston Heights.  It is just up the street from Fitzgeralds on White Oak.  Great selection and service!  At Heights Boudoir we really encourage shopping local!

3.  A Sexy Corset

Houston Area Heights Boudoir Sexy Photography

Yes!  The corset still rocks.  They are amazing!  However, corsets are complicated and leave a lot of marks.  We will end the session with the corset – and they are always the hottest items.  I want to get those corset images in all kinds of backgrounds!  So slimming, so sexy, so hot!  However, the corset usually needs stockings, a garter belt, and fabulous panties to make this outfit rock.  In addition, don’t forget those amazing stilettos!  

If you are doing a mini session, or just want to make sure you pack the right items to your boudoir session, be sure to include these items and you will have the variety that makes a successful session.  Ultimately, a successful session is one in which you get a wide variety of images of yourself in all kinds of sexy lingerie outfits!   Importantly, there are oodles of options on the above suggestions, and you also get to wear that wonderful birthday suit you were born in.  However, if a little shy, that white sheet is always available at Heights boudoir!

Enjoy these keys to lingerie for sexy boudoir images!

For additional ideas on styling your boudoir session, try reading this blog on great boudoir items to bring!

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Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!


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