Houston Boudoir Photos Featuring Nudity (or near nudity) are smoking hot. However, as I have made it very clear, this Houston boudoir photographer does not photograph explicit poses.

Houston Boudoir Photos Featuring Nudity

I am comforable with nudity. However, it is never necessary at Houston boudoir studio, Heights Boudoir.  I have a policy against explicit photography. However, when it comes to a Houston boudoir photography session, their is a bit of stepping out of ones comfort zone!  

Boudoir photography is sexy with and without clothing.  At Heights Boudoir a White Sheet Session is often the last portion of a boudoir session.  Notably, clients are feeling pretty comfortable by this time.  Panties are welcome if you want to keep those on, but I think photos look sexier without them.  You will be comfortable with the choices you make in your level of nudity.

Houston Boudoir Photos Featuring Nudity with Class
Houston Boudoir Photos Featuring Nudity with Class

The White Sheet Session for Implied Nudity

The white sheet covers as much or as little as you are comfortable with covering. While I will not do exploit photographs, we go for a sexy expression here and there.  This Houston boudoir photographer is drawn to the type of boudoir imagery that is a bit voyeuristic, but soft, feminine, and reflects multiple sides of my clients.

Lots of Ways to be Covered in Photos Featuring Nudity 

As these images reflect, the client is always covered.  However, sometimes we do bear a butt…which is totally up to clients.  As a mature woman , for me, a butt was as much a sexy part as boobs and you know what.  However, younger women have grown up with thong panties, thong bathing suits, and many women find bearing their bottoms during a boudoir session may be very comfortable.  Photos Featuring Nudity are definitely in the eye of the client!

For those not comfortable with Photos Featuring Nudity like bearing the whole rear, a well placed, draped white sheet covers most of the area with just enough seemingly peaking through to keep the sexiness smoking hot.  Tattoos at the base of the spine are beautifully displayed with this pose, and it may be a tattoo you haven’t really gotten to see from this angle!  Notably, this is often a best loved pose for clients and those they are gifting, if they are gifting.

Unless Otherwise Desired

Other women can’t wait to pose for Photos Featuring Nudity all together.  While this Houston boudoir photographer does not do sexually explicit images, full nude is always welcome if that is your desire.  However, my preference is always to get in a few poses that body parts are covered with other body parts, a glass, a well placed length of hair, a limb.  While that is more my style, I am happy to accommodate clients who want to see images “in the full buff”.  Notably, I do have poses that accentuate this style beautifully. 

Houston Boudoir Photos Featuring Nudity with Class
Houston Boudoir Photos Featuring Nudity with Class

In Conclusion…

Thanks for stopping by my blog on Photos Featuring Nudity (or near nudity)!  I hope you don’t let the fear of being nude keep you away from a boudoir session!  Jan Heights Boudoir Photographer Houston Boudoir Studio for Sexy Boudoir Photos

Jan Watson at Houston area Heights Boudoir Photography Studio

About Me

 Let me introduce myself – I’m Jan! It is a great honor to meet you.  I would love to be your boudoir photographer and help you get that perfect sexy gift. I don’t care your age!  Capturing the beauty of all women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities is my goal As for me, I retired from hospice nursing a few years ago.  I am well into my 50s!  Therefore, very worldly!  (Just kidding) Luckily, I found something to keep me busy, meeting people, and creating – and that’s taking boudoir photographs of the best women in the world! You!

For More Information…

You can choose boudoir for a variety of reasons like celebrating Valentine’s Day or a sexy anniversary gift for the one you love (or just for yourself) – all are awesome reasons!  Lingerie ideas are a big component once you decide a boudoir photo session is right for you!  For some great style ideas, check out the lingerie at Darling Way in the Heights! Honestly, you don’t even need a reason for boudoir, but you always need to care for your nutritional needs!   However, if you would like additional information like a pricing guide, our handy guide to preparing for a boudoir session, or just some information to determine if a boudoir session might be right for you, drop me a line!  I’d love to hear from you!  Naturally, there is absolutely no obligation! 

So go on, give me a call. Let’s get naked and take some pictures! (kidding, just kidding!)