Plus Size Boudoir

Really?  Plus Size Boudoir?

Personally, I really wonder if I’m fond of the term Plus Size Boudoir.  Is it even polically or socially correct to refer to volumptuous women with this term?  Many curvy women have adopted this term with pride, owning that they are the perfect size woman.  Judging how curvy women rock their boudoir sessions, they do tend to own those curves. 

Therefore, I deeply apologize if the term Plus Size conveys anything negative to you as a woman.  It does not mean in any way to convey that you or I are “too much”  or “not quite right”.  You are perfect the way you are.  However, society has a lot to say about women of all sizes, and this nonsense has to stop!  However, I will be using the term “plus size” to denote a boudoir term as it is a commonly searched phrase on the internet.  While I definitely love other terms more, including bombshell boudoir, and voluptuous boudoir, but these terms do not carry quite the same in search results.  Importantly, my message is to be load and clear, curvy women ROCK boudoir!  Mrs. S rocked her curvy boudoir session

Plus sized boudoir for curvy women at Houston Heights Boudoir Session

Houston Heights Boudoir Session

A few common questions about Plus Size Boudoir…

Are Plus Size Boudoir Sessions Different?

Absolutely not!  A Plus Size Boudoir Photography Session entails the exact same steps as any other boudoir session.  You will reach out about scheduling a session, we will communicate about securing your date and time.  We will work out the specifics on preparing, including whether you will want a makeup artist to meet you at the studio.  Lingerie choices will be up to you, but you will get guidance on what makes great lingerie options. 

Plus Size Boudoir is About You

At Heights Boudoir, the session is about you!  Therefore, Plus Size Boudoir is like all boudoir!  However, if you are not really into lingerie, let me tell you sister, his white button up and a pair of white cotton panties will convey a very sexy message!  While I love a bit of lace, the sexiest thing I ever photographed was a soon to be bride in her apron…and nothing else. 

No matter what size you are, we are going to take careful stock of the items that are going to be flattering on you.  Obviously, if tummy requires a bit of help in images, we will sure drape a loose robe, shear wrap, or other items to give you the look you will love!  Plus Size Boudoir is not different than other size boudoir in this area!  Absolutely, if the girls need a bit of support to look perky in images (and give me a break, lots of petite sized women need support too!), I’m going to encourage you to bring a bra that has built in support.  No, duh!  However, my duh is that I need to know what makes you feel amazing!  You need to bring those items! 

It’s Your Body!   Love it!

You and I are going to discuss the areas of your body that you are most proud of and the areas that you are less than happy about!  Poses, lighting, and lingerie will flatter hips, tummy, and we will tilt your head a bit to flatter your facial features. 

While I want you to love the body that you have, and do not try to morph your body into someone else’s shape with an overzealous Photoshop application, no woman wants to have her cellulite memorialized.  Posing, lighting, the right wardrobe options, and a little skin smoothing will go a long way! 

Plus Size Boudoir Posing

During your session, you will be posed like women are posed in boudoir images.  Sexy…that’s what you’re paying for, right?  While my hat is off to every boudoir photographer out there who knows exactly what pose to do for every single body type, sorry, I’m not her.  However, for me, it takes a bit of trial and error.  Another thing, I am not a photography psychic.  We try lots of scenarios to achieve beautiful images.

I can look at the back of my camera and say, heck yeah!  Then when I look at the images on my screen, it’s like, what was I thinking!  And yes, I’ve had this thought with some poses too!  Truth is, we will do a lot of poses, and I’m going to pick images that flatter you!  Period!  Notably, you will not love everyone of them as much as I do.  However, I have found, that on another day, both you and I might choose differently. 


After I’ve edited those favorite images, you will come back to the studio to pick your favorite Plus Size Boudoir images.  We will design your  Boudoir album which will be made with beautiful leather.  Also, I will make copies on the Crystal thumb drive…oh, yeah, that’s all the same.  No difference here, all women are ultimately going to select the images that make them look and feel sexy!

Plus Size Boudoir for Curvy Women at Houston Boudoir Studio Heights Boudoir

Plus Size Boudoir for Curvy Women at Houston Boudoir Studio Heights Boudoir

When Should I Book My Boudoir Session

Please schedule your boudoir session about 6-8 weeks in advance of the date you need the end product in your hot little hand!  The calendar fills up pretty quick!  However, I do not book a session every day (did I mentioned I was retired?) and can accommodate the occasional last minute session.  However, the editing, designing, and shipping is difficult to compress!

What Should I Do to Prepare for My Boudoir Session

Try this Boudoir Guide to Preparing for a complete guide to preparing for your Plus Size Boudoir session.  However, here are some of the highlights!


No new color or cuts!  We usually go for beachy hair, the just crawled out of bed look.


Consider your lingerie, neutrals are nice but keep your style in mind! 

Private Areas

Whatever works for you, make sure you are proud of it!  If you wax, do it a couple of days before to avoid bumps.


Please, no.  Just no.  I know you are going to anyway, but I did say Please, no.


We will make them up, but please come ready.  There is not time to clean them up.


Yes!  Drink lots of water. 


Everything!  Skin, lips, the bottoms of your feet! 

Eat Right

Eat sensible!  This is not the time to lose a few pounds.  Love the body you are in…my camera is going to!

Watch the alcohol!

And anything else that might make you look puffy or tired on the morning of your Plus Size Boudoir session, or any size boudoir session! 


That’s right, get a good night sleep!  You got this!

Plus Size Lingerie to Wear

What to wear?  That is the 64 million dollar question.  Mostly, wear what makes you feel amazing, as long as it fits and flatters!  Lots of lingerie ideas out there and more than one or two blogs!  For Plus Size Boudoir, keep in mind that if you have Plus Size breasts, you need to make sure your lingerie items have built in support.  We generally have 3-4 looks during a boudoir session, one is often the implied nude with a white sheet session.  However, lots of accessories can give a lingerie outfit multiple looks.    

If not quite sure, bring extras and we can go through the lingerie items together prior to your Plus Size Boudoir session.  Mostly, variety is the spice of an excellent boudoir album!  Try this article on Lingerie for Curvy Women.

Black is sexy as hell, high heels are hot, bodysuits and corsets are to die for, and anything that is special to you or the recipient of your album – his favorite button up, team shirt, or a gift he gave you that will mean something to both of you. 

In Conclusion…

There you have it!  Plus Size Boudoir Photography is not any different than boudoir of any variety.  Few women are confident about their bodies, and curvy girls often love their curves and want to show them off!  Hopefully, we give you photographs that tell your story, your personality, your style!  


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Best Plus Sized Boudoir at Heights Boudoir

Plus sized women rock boudoir at Heights Boudoir

Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!


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