What is this thing we call self love? Importantly, what do self love and boudoir have to do with each other? Just a few observations by a Houston Heights Boudoir Photographer at Heights Boudoir Photography Studio who has self sabotaged herself for too many years!

Self Love And Boudoir

Confidence comes with self love and boudoir can be a step toward achieving that confidence. At Heights Boudoir, women who are size 00 do not demonstrate more confidence or self love. Many boudoir sessions at Heights Boudoir, Houston, bear this fact out! However, curvy clients can struggle with the same lack of self love and boudoir sessions will bear this out.

We could all benefit from a bit of self love and confidence with our body image. Notably, letting go of preconceived ideas of who deserves to be confident with their body is often the first step.

Stop Being Sorry

Self love begins with self care. Oftentimes, we ladies take on way too much responsibility in our lives out of an overabundance of seeking approval from others. Therefore, constant demands on women crowd out self love by creating less and less time for self care. We juggle an inordinate amout of duties in a day! However, we can stop it!

Stop being sorry for not getting every little thing done! I am old, had my time in the wringer (glad to be out). However, if I had it to do again, I would take back a lot of bullshit I did not have to do. Recently, I watched a YouTube video about folding clothes. With four boys, I did two loads of clothes every day and six on the weekend. Notably, my life could have been a lot easier if I had just handed the boys their clothes to manage.

Get Out of My Linen Closet

A friend mentioned that she looks in linen closets. However, if towels are not stacked and folded a certain way then she thinks less of that person. I really did a double take at that…and wondered what subtle pressure I have probably felt from girlfriends. Women who were in my corner, judging me because I didn’t meet some magic bar in someone’s head. Screw that! I refuse to be sorry my towels are not perfectly folded and stacked.

Guilt is such an effective tool to keep people under someone else’s control. Contrary to popular belief, we are not on earth to be perfect, we are here to be alive. Therefore, If you give a rats ass if my bed is made, YOU need to get your own life – not mine!

Self Care Described

The easy was to exercise self care is purchasing some new jeans, or stopping by the Mac counter for their new makeup offering. Naturally, a new pair of shoes always does the trick. Or does it?

Self love and boudoir is definitely a step. However, letting your hair down and saying, “Order pizza, kids, I’m off duty for a few hours” is another. Sure, you’re Visa is going to suffer either way! Less expensive ways of expressing self love? Therefore, saying, “Honey, I am off to the gym on the way home from work. Start dinner.”

Its Not for Me to Say

It’s really not for me to say. Likewise, it’s not for you to tell me what I need to experience self care. Having a nice cabernet before dinner may be your self care. However, I choose self care by not drinking that glass of wine. Notably, going to the gym may work for you. However, for me, not feeling like I need to work out is my form of self care.

Self love and boudoir may for many women be an avenue to build confidence, have fun, experience me time. Another woman, well, perhaps not. Therefore, I’m going to leave that decision up to you! We are all grown ups, we know what works for us!

In Conclusion…

Thanks for stopping by my blog on Self Love and Boudoir.  I hope stepping out of your comfort zone does not keep you away from a boudoir session!  Jan Heights Boudoir Photographer Houston Boudoir Studio for Sexy Boudoir Photos

Jan Watson at Houston area Heights Boudoir Photography Studio

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