Christmas Boudoir Sessions Now Available!

Have you started thinking about what you will be giving your parter for Christmas?  Consider Sexy Boudoir Photos for Christmas and make and make your partner a very, very happy special someone!

Sexy Christmas Photos or Sexy Boudoir Photos anytime at Houston Boudoir Studio Heights Boudoir

Sexy Christmas Photos at Houston Boudoir Studio Heights Boudoir

Sexy Boudoir Photos!

Give your loved one Sexy Boudoir Photos and make their holiday a very special day to remember.    Intimate images of you will light their fire in front of the fireplace this Christmas!  Notably, now is the time to take advantage of the 2020 Christmas Quickie Session!  Those Sexy Boudoir Photos will be showcased in a beautiful, lay flat, leather album that you will both treasure for many years to come.

I Know You are Busy…but this won’t take long!

Come on in to Heights Boudoir for a quick one hour boudoir session to gift Sexy Boudoir Photos.   It doesn’t need to be a lengthy process, just like it doesn’t need to be a very expensive gift!  This package is the perfect package to dip your foot into the boudoir pool.  Just come in after your scheduled mani/pedi, run by the Mac counter at Macy’s or get a makeover at Sephora, or just handle it yourself!  If you like, I have a makeup artist who will be happy to provide this service for you for an additional cost.

Sexy Boudoir Photos does not have to be complicated!  Its fun!  And your special someone is going to love it!  Gifting Sexy Boudoir Photos at Christmas (or any time of the year)  will provide cheer and lots of sexy goodwill in your household!  Not to mention, its also a Gift to Yourself!  

Schedule your Session for Sexy Boudoir Photos

So this is what you get with the 2020 Christmas Quickie:

One hour of photography wearing two different lingerie outfits

The smoking hot white sheet session

You can come back to review your images (about 25) or elect an online gallery

Select Your Favorite Ten Images for Inclusion in a beautiful 6″ x 6″ leather bound lay flat album

Those same ten images on a Crystal Thumb Drive


Give the Gift of Sexy Boudoir Photos for 499!


Sexy Boudoir Photos make a wonderful stocking stuffer!  That 6″ square leather album will knock your partner’s socks off!  Go ahead!  Email me and lets get the ball rolling!