Sexy Bridal Pics – Groom’s Gift Ideas

Sexy Bridal Pics is the groom’s gift he wants!   Bridal boudoir photography at Houston boudoir studio, Heights Boudoir, is the sexy way to celebrate your wedding day!   At Houston area Heights Boudoir Photography Studio you can get him the sexy bridal pics in a classy leather album – the gift he wants for a wedding present.  However, those images are also a lifelong reminder of a special time in your life! You will look at your beautiful album for many years to come.  Therefore, your wedding gift to him is as much a gift to your future self!  Importantly, that my soon to be married friend, is the Wedding Gift that just keeps giving!

Houston Bridal Boudoir the Sexy gift he wants for a groom gift - sexy bridal pics

Houston Bridal Boudoir the Sexy gift he wants for a groom gift

What are Sexy Bridal Pics?

Sexy Bridal Pics of you are taken at a boudoir studio.  You select only the images you love and have those sexy images published in a gorgeous album.  Those Sexy Bridal Pics are whatever you decide are sexy!  As the subject of your album, you get to decide whether you will immortalize the veil, garter, wedding shoes, etc.  However, it could be you slipping out of your wedding gown or wearing that special nightie you just bought for the honeymoon!  Notably, you could go in the opposite direction and use all that lingerie you received from your girlfriends!  Your outfits will set the tone for your sexy album!

Will You Get Naked?

Nudity is always optional!   Better yet, implied nudity is just as smoking hot!   Oftentimes, the white sheet portion of a photoshoot often produces the best loved Sexy Bridal Pics.    However, more than anything, bridal boudoir photos are sexy and getting those images can be quite a bit of fun and it is the Groom’s Gift that keeps on giving!

Where to go for Sexy Bridal Pics?

A photographer who specializes in boudoir has experience in posing and lighting to flatter you and all your lady bits to the best possible advantage!  For Sexy Bridal Pics I would start at a boudoir studio.  Sometimes, your wedding photographer may have experience in this genre or be able to refer you to someone they know and trust.

How Do I Select a Boudoir Photographer?

Sexy Bridal Pics really need to be taken in  a location where you feel comfortable.  Houston has many talented boudoir photographers to select to select from!  However, the most effective avenue to select the photographer that is right for you would be to browse the boudoir photographer’s gallery.  Therefore, select a photographer that you like the style of their work.  However, a photographer may be able to produce images that are outside their customary look, better to select someone who’s style you appreciate!   Another question to ask, is how do you want to present your Sexy Bridal Pics to your soon to be husband (or new husband if saving the gift for the honeymoon).  While most brides opt for the smoking hot album, some brides also want to keep those high resolution digitals.  When selecting a photographer, verify that you will be able to obtain your images in the form that you desire for the cost you are willing to pay.  

Is Male or Female Right for You?

Man or woman photographer for your sexy bridal pics?  That’s a personal decision and I would be remiss in swaying you one way or the other.  Notably, I am female.  Personally, I would be a bit more uncomfortable with a man.  I have a female doctor, for, well, you know!  However, another woman may feel that a man knows what another man will find sexy.   This leads us back to selecting the photographer that you prefer their style!  Personally, I don’t do any explicit poses, though I do have a few rather sexy ones.  If you have a vision of more explicit images, you definitely need to go to someone who can provide you what you want!  Therefore, do your homework!  If your homework leads you to a man, trust that he is a professional and wants to produce the work that led you to him!

When to Schedule Session for Sexy Bridal Pics?

Don’t cut it to close to schedule a session to get Sexy Bridal Pics for the Sexy Groom’s Gift He Wants!  Therefore, give yourself at least four to six weeks.  However, think of this as “me time”  and not just another item to check off your very long to do list!   Taking a little “you” time away from the wedding planning could put you in a better frame of mind leading up to your big day.  There will be a few days to a week before your sexy bridal pics are ready for the big reveal.  Then the time to produce the art you select to showcase your sexy splendor!  You should allow at least three weeks for delivery (and that’s my insecure side, usually albums are back in less than two weeks).   

A little rushed for time?  Everything can be expedited!  So if you left this to the last minute or things just got away from you, well, I may be able to get you back on track.  In fact, I’ve gone from zero to delivery in less than two weeks!  Its hectic though!  However, the stars do line up at times when you need them!  Caution though, I don’t encourage this!  My heart likes to have a little breathing room!

What happens at a Boudoir Session?

At Heights Boudoir you select the collection you want and we go from there.   You and I will  begin the session by reviewing the lingerie you have selected for your boudoir session to reflect the sexy bridal pics you most desire.  Also, we will make sure that we get the images you know you need in your album that include the details you want to immortalize like your veil, wedding shoes, garter, and jewelry.  Your session will take one to two hours depending on the collection you have selected.  Many brides arrive ready to be photographed, or you can have a make up artist meet you at the studio.   If your collection includes a make up artist, plan on spending an additional hour to hour and a half for this service.

How to Prepare for your session to get the Best Sexy Bridal Pics?

Here are the steps to get ready for your boudoir session to get that best Sexy Bridal Pics.

1.  Select Your Boudoir Studio

Once you have selected the studio and/or photographer you want to take your sexy images, secure your date and time, and start your game plan!

2.  Get Ready

Plan Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe – think about what you want to be photographed wearing!  Here is a guide to preparing, and take note of the most import elements of selecting wardrobe – it should make you FEEL sexy as hell and it should fit.  Also, variety!

Wedding Items

Do you want to commemorate items from your wedding in the Sexy Bridal Pics?  Then bring the items you want to be photographed wearing for your Groom’s Gift.  This could include items like:  garter, veil, shoes, the whole dress if you like, the lingerie you will wear beneath your wedding dress, the nightie for the wedding night, Aunt Louisa’s pearl necklace you will be wearing on your wedding day, that fabulous bracelet he gave you last Christmas.  In twenty years, you will open that little leather bound album and see those items and remember that beautiful day.  

Prepare your body 

Yes, Ladies, you know what this means.  Therefore, shave, wax, pluck, whatever you do to stay neat and trimmed.  Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  Wear clear deodorant.  Wear loose clothing to the studio the day of the shoot to avoid marks from bras or tight fitting clothing.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Get a mani-pedi in shades that will compliment your wardrobe.  Avoid tanning prior to your session.  Also, do not try a new hair color or a new hair style.  Please do not worry about those extra pounds, we are going to pose you to flatter your body.  Get a good nights sleep the night before – without the help of alcohol!

If not included, schedule hair and makeup

The Classic Collection at Heights Boudoir does not include this service.  Notably, many women are gift at this skill!  However, many brides get a free trial…so they do not desire a collection that includes this service.  Therefore, we have packages that include something for everyone!

Plan to have fun!  

You will be safe here!  However, I am sure whoever you choose to photograph you in your lingerie will want you to feel comfortable and at ease for your session.  A boudoir session is fun like a yoga class is fun…it can be grueling, intense, and you may need an ibuprofen later.  However, clients walk away with a new found respect for those in the modeling profession. Read more about preparing for your boudoir shoot in this Guide to Preparing for a Boudoir Session

How Should I Present my Sexy Bridal Pics?

How you present your Sexy Bridal Pics to your groom is an important decision on your part.  That is entirely up to you!  Brides opt for a variety of gift giving opportunities!  Notably, the night before the wedding is a nice option.  After you leave the ceremony can be another option.  At the location where you plan to spend your first night together as Mr. & Mrs.  However, if leaving for your honeymoon right after the wedding or the next day, the first day of the honeymoon is romantic.  Here are a few ides on Presenting Him with His Wedding Gift

Houston Bridal Boudoir the Sexy gift he wants for a groom gift-sexy bridal pics

Houston Bridal Boudoir the Sexy gift he wants for a groom gift

  Heights Boudoir Photography Studio conveniently located in Houston, Texas Houston area boudoir studio Heights Boudoir Photography Studio would love to provide you with Sexy Bridal Pics – the Groom’s Gift He Wants!  At Heights Boudoir, we provide intimate portraiture in a safe environment in the shadow of downtown Houston. For intimate portraiture in Houston contact Heights Boudoir at (832) 630-8081 or email to begin the adventure of your lifetime!

Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!

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 Let me introduce myself – I’m Jan! It is so nice to meet you.  I would love to be your boudoir photographer and help you get that perfect sexy gift (especially if you are the lucky one to receive the gift).  I don’t care your age!  Capturing the beauty of all women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities is my goal As for me, I retired from hospice nursing a few years ago.  I just turned sixty, but still kicking it!  Therefore, very worldly!  (Just kidding) Luckily, I found something to keep me busy, meeting people, and creating – and that’s taking boudoir photographs of the best women in the world! You!

For More Information…

You can choose boudoir for a variety of reasons like celebrating a wedding, birthday, or a sexy anniversary gift for the one you love (or just for yourself) – all are awesome reasons!  However, the best reason is just because you rock!  Lingerie ideas are a big component once you decide a boudoir photo session is right for you!  However, if you would like additional information like a pricing guide, our handy guide to preparing for a boudoir session, or just some information to determine if a boudoir session might be right for you, drop me a line!  I’d love to hear from you!  Naturally, there is absolutely no obligation!   Thinking about lingerie for your boudoir session?  Try my friends at DarlingWay and this blog on lingerie.  

So go on, give me a call. Let’s get naked and take some pictures! (kidding, just kidding!)