The Sexy Gift of Boudoir in Houston

The Sexy Gift of Boudoir in Houston is often given to a significant other for an upcoming celebration.  Women celebrate Valentines Day, a birthday, or a special anniversary present.  Boudoir photography is a sexy wedding day gift for a lucky groom.  However, the boudoir experience may start as a gift for someone else but, as the experience unfolds, it becomes The Sexy Gift of Boudoir for herself!   

It is the subject of those oh so sexy photos who will have the experience of a lifetime that will not be quickly forgotten!  Therefore, if you are interested in The Sexy Gift of Boudoir in Houston, check out celebrate with sexy pics!

Why The Sexy Gift of Boudoir is a Gift for You?

Women are our own worst critic of our bodies!   I have been very hard on my body.  I have cursed my cellulite and spent way too much on magic cellulite dissolving creams. My belly roll has been squeezed into spanx until I could no longer breath!  However, I did eventually get rid of all those spanx and control top this and slimming that items in my lingerie drawer!  

I said never again!  Therefore, in the rubbish they went!  Never again would I spend one more minute in uncomfortable restraints.  Hubby, did he even notice?  No way!  If I feel good, he feels good about me!    

The Sexy Gift of Boudoir is a gift you give yourself!   Therefore, see yourself the way your significant other sees you!  Sexy lingerie, good lighting, proper posing, and having fun!  That’s right, sexy is fun – and its time we all discovered exactly that! 

The Sexy Gift of Boudoir

What life changes may best be celebrated with a boudoir photo session?

The Sexy Gift of Boudoir when Rocking some new curves

Some women celebrate losing a few pounds.  Maybe she can rock a pencil skirt like she has not been able to in years. Maybe she suddenly found her mojo and is exercising!  Notably, she may have developed some beautiful biceps, toned legs, rocking glutes through the magic of weight lifting!  However, those curves in stilettos not tennis shoes are a whole new adventure!

Yes, she has been super diligent about eating healthy, limiting the beer and wine to one or two (if I just could).   Just maybe the receptionist at the gym knows her by name.  However, while she may feel she “needs to lose just 5 more pounds” or an inch here or there, she is ready to celebrate her achievement with a photo shoot at a boudoir studio! 

The Sexy Gift of Boudoir when Rocking some new Freedom

When a woman manages to disentangle herself from a relationship that made her feel awful about herself, a boudoir shoot may reassure her that she is healing, that she is reconnecting with her inner beauty.   An abusive man will erode your confidence gradually.  Therefore, you may have never seen it happening until, wow, you suddenly realize how disconnected you had become from yourself – living behind that mask.  Peeling away that mask and truly seeing your beauty is a process, beautiful and glamorous pictures of you will help you see how others see you who do value your inner and outer beauty.

The Sexy Gift of Boudoir to Celebrate your sexy self - shamelessly!

The Sexy Gift of Boudoir When Its Time to Rock It!

The Sexy Gift of Boudoir may just be about exploring some new territory!   Women spend their lives taking care of the needs of other people over themselves – their partners, their children, and their parents.  Self care is when we focus on ourselves.  Therefore, through that self care, you recognize that you can best care for others when you are also caring for yourself!

Go on…celebrate your sexy self shamelessly!  Therefore, call or email to schedule a boudoir session in the Houston area (we are located in the Heights).  You’re going to rock it!

Are you considering The Sexy Gift of Boudoir?  Thinking about how to get ready, Notably, read about preparing for a boudoir shoot, go to this Guide to Preparing here.  

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Celebrate your sexy self – shamelessly!


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