Top Houston Boudoir Photo Accessories:  Jewelry

Top Houston Boudoir Photo Accessories always include some discussion regarding jewelry.  Importantly, if jewelry is important to the client, then jewelry should be well featured in boudoir images.  However, every individual must answer how predominantly bling dominates their style.

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Bridal Boudoir Accessories

For brides celebrating with boudoir to surprise their grooms, jewelry is often a feature of their boudoir images.  Top Houston Boudoir Photo Accessories will include, obviously, the engagement ring.  However, save the macro shots for the wedding photographer.  The boudoir images will feature your left hand playing with your hair, or gently placed over your heart.  

A bride may also bring the pearls she will pair with her wedding dress to showcase in her boudoir images.  Also, those diamond studs he gave to you last Christmas, or the bracelet he gave you on your first trip together.  These items should be represented if meaningful to you!  However, brides may take a different style with their boudoir images and omit the whole “bridal” theme altogether!  Therefore, if you want those images to be ALL about your smoking body – go for it!

All Boudoir Accessories

Preparing for a boudoir photography shoot is fun!  Once outfits are selected, picking out the accessories comes next!  Therefore, jewelry should carefully be considered.

Pearls and Other Necklaces

A classic boudoir photography style would be well accessorized with pearls.  However, if you haven’t worn a pearl since your 16th birthday, reconsider!  The truth is, though, a long strand of pearls give your hands something to play with and can assist with making images look natural.  Therefore, if you have a long strand of pearls or another long necklace that you actually wear from time to time, bring it!  

Tim gifted me a silver infinity necklace when we visited Ireland a few years ago.  The necklace had been on my “if I ever go to Ireland wish list”.  It is always on me!  However, wearing it is not about the necklace for me.  Honestly, it was how important it was to Tim to get that necklace for me.  Every where we visited, he was, “Do you like this one, do you like that one…”  Notably, wasn’t really that important to me but, man, it was soooo important to Tim!  Therefore, the necklace has nothing to do with the Celts, Ireland, silver, or infinity.  It has everything to do with the fact that I have a husband who wants to make my dreams come true!

If a necklace is important to you, you should be wearing it!  Even if just for a few images.  However, jewelry has a down side.  Necklaces twist and turn at the damnedest times.  Therefore, it can be a detail that can ruin an image for someone who has to have everything just perfectly situated.  Notably, it is a detail in images that requires additional attention.

Top Houston Boudoir Photo

Caitlyn boudoir session with Top Houston Boudoir Photo accessory – pearls


Earrings as an accessory for Top Houston Boudoir Photo are often utilized.  Studs are excellent.  Large earrings can compete with other assets!  Personally, rarely wear them and when I do, they come off within a few hours.  One of my girlfriends, however, never leaves home without them.  Again, personal style.  Notably, if no one has ever seen you without your giant hoops – you know you need them!  However, if you just want immortalize your earrings for a few images – that’s okay too!


Bracelets rarely focus as a Top Houston Boudoir Photo accessory.  However, a special bracelet can be well commemorated during a boudoir photography session.  Therefore, do bring an item you wish to have at least one image wearing.  Additionally, if you always have a forearm full of bangles, why wouldn’t you be wearing them?

Body Jewelry and Other Jewels

If you rock it, you bring it!  Body Jewelry is sometimes removed after a few images.  As a Top Houston Boudoir Photo accessories, I love to see body jewelry!  Therefore, if you own and wear body jewelry, definitely bring it!   Whether a belly ring or other accessory, if it represents your style – you should be photographed with it!  If you own a piece you received as a gift at a lingerie shower that you have NEVER worn, well, think again.  However, if you are just looking for the perfect moment to bring it out, now is the time.

In Conclusion…

The jewelry you bring to your boudoir photography session must reflect your taste and style, or be there for a very special reason!  Notably, if you always have five pounds of jewelry on your body at all times – you know your images will look naked without the accessories!  Top Houston Boudoir Photo accessorized must be personal and truly reflective of YOU!

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