Victoria Secret Look in Boudoir Photography, Houston Texas is a Sexy Outfit Option

Achieving the Victoria Secret Look in Boudoir Photography, Houston, is smoking hot and a very sexy outfit option!  This is a remarkably easy look to achieve in your sexy boudoir images.  Boudoir clients shop in their lingerie drawer first!  Round out the outfits by a trip to Victoria Secret or their local lingerie store.  I love the locally owned and operated lingerie store in the Heights, Darling Way.  

Victoria Secret Look in Boudoir Photography, Houston, Texas

Victoria Secret Look in Boudoir Photography, Houston, can be achieved with a body suit or with a smoking hot corset like this one!

For a Rocking Victoria Secret Look in Boudoir Photography, Houston you will need:

Smoking Hot Bra and Panty Set

Yes!  That smoking hot bra and panty set will go a long way in assuring you achieve that Victoria Secret Look in Boudoir Photography, Houston.  The Guide for Preparing at Heights Boudoir recommends boudoir clients always arriving to Houston area boudoir studio, Heights Boudoir Photography, with a light and dark set of lingerie.  Notably, this assures a variety of looks during your boudoir photo shoot.  

Sexy Body Suit/Corset

I love both of these items!  Especially good for boudoir clients who are less than willing to show off their tummies!  A sexy body suit or a corset will give you some coverage at a very common sensitive area for women.  Also, depending on the way the body suit is structured, these items can help accentuate the sexy hour glass shape.  Notably, very slim athletic female clients have difficulty achieving that hour glass shape!  However, the right poses will help women of all shapes and sizes during their boudoir session!

Garter Belt and Stockings

A garter belt that rides high, close to the waist line, also offers a bit of smoking hot camouflage for that sensitive area for many women.  Stockings are a double edged sword, however, for the more less than statuesque women.  While even petite women can pull the look off in some poses, stockings can make some clients legs appear shorter in images by cutting the legs off.  However, there are some work arounds!

A garter belt, stockings, and those high heels are just a smoking hot look!  If your legs are less than long and slim, however, keep in mind these work arounds.  First, try nude stockings.  These will not cut you off as much as black stockings.  Second, be sure and where high cut panties with these stockings.  Notably, this will give you a little extra flesh between the top of the stockings and your panties.  Therefore, accentuating the length!

Also, if pairing your stockings with a garter belt, please purchase the stockings that do not have the non-slip surface around the thighs.  Notably, this material is difficult to hook a garter to, and can cause a bit of muffin thigh on even slim legs.  For a little more on stockings, try this blog about Houston Boudoir Photography Shoot Accessories:  Stockings.

Houston Boudoir Outfit Ideas - for a Classy Look


Those high heels really give your legs added length, give your calves a curvy, more defined shape, and are just smoking hot!  However, there is never a requirement to master those heels!  Many women carry those heels from one set to the next!  

The Victoria Secret Look in Boudoir Photography, Houston and surround area ladies, is not just for women with Victoria Secret model bodies!  However, even if you have never stepped out in a pair of super high heels, you can still put this off with a bit of coaching.  You will never have to walk in those heels!  

On a Side Note…

Those high heels, to me, should not be platformed.  However, many women to bring those platformed stilettos with them as they are what the client owns!  Please do not go out and buy a new pair of shoes just for your boudoir session!  Hence, I now own a pair of black stilettos!   Notably, this client said, “I never want to see these bad boys again!”  Most noteworthy, the stilettos were purchased just for her session.  Therefore, you are welcome to borrow these shoes!

I have a very practical (husband says frugal) side, bring what you have!  However, if you have both handing out on your shoe rack, I would recommend the pair without the platform.  Also, if wearing stockings, I am not fond of the open toe look. However, I do love strappy high heels or open toe with a bare leg!  Most notably, bring what you own!

Check out this blog on achieving the Girl Next Door Look at your boudoir photo session.  Don’t want to shop?  Try this article on 5 Inexpensive Houston Boudoir Outfits you can rock right now!

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